9.Best Debate Writing Topic : “Dowry is undoubtedly a social evil “

By | July 31, 2018

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“Dowry is undoubtedly a social evil.” Write a debate in favour or against the motion.

Dowry: A social Evil


 Respected Chairperson and Honourable Members

All of you agree with me that dowry has been the greatest of all our social evils. It has been the greatest stumbling block in the growth of all our social evils. It has been the greatest stumbling block in the growth and development of women. Dowry is given at the time of marriage by the bride’s father. It is an old custom in India. But now this system has become a social evil. It is no longer a token of love. It has become a compulsion. A bride who does not bring ample dowry is mentally harassed and is physically tortured. She has to suffer the taunts of her in laws. Her life becomes hellish. In short the life of a woman becomes hellish.

Hence I do agree that dowry is a social evil.

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