Adjective Types, Rules, Error Spotting & Exercises

Adjectives in English have a special place. There is a vast study of Adjectives. Understanding adjective meaning is not difficult with edumantra. Here we provide all adjective rules and adjective words that are used in the adjective exercise. With the help of some adjective examples, we will provide adjectives worksheets and adjectives quiz that will explain how to use adjectives in a sentence and how some examples of adjectives into adverbs. To study adjectives grammar learn the adjective’s definition and find the adjectives kinds and adjective and be full of knowledge-

Adjectives Comparison- Degrees of Comparison
Many and Much Grammar
Participles in English Used as adjectives
Adjectives + Infinitive that-Clause Preposition Constructions
Adjectives + Prepositions
Adjective Rules & Error Spotting

Adjective Kinds List and Examples