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By | August 2, 2018

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 You are Geet/Geeta, Head Boy/Head Girl, Vanskriti School, Shimla. Your school is going to organize a trip to Leh-Ladakh during the summer vacation. Write a notice in 50-60 words for the school notice board giving the details of the trip. Imagine all the details.

Ans.                                                          VANSKRITI SCHOOL, SHISILA



7th March, 2014

 A trip to Leh-Ladakh has been organized by the school for classes VIII to X. The trip will extend from IST June, 2014 to 15th June, 2014. The students will be accompanied by four teachers. The cost of the transport. Boarding, lodging and food will amount to Rs 5.000 per student. Interested students can give their names along with the mentioned amount of money to the undersigned by 30th April, 2014.


 Head Girl

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