102.Short Essay and Article on : Ecological Imbalance Affected Life of Man

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The man has gained control over nature and animals. This has led to ecological imbalance. Write an article on how this imbalance has affected the life of man. You are Maya/Mohan.

 Ans.                                  Ecological Imbalance Affected Life of Man                                                                                   

The greed of man is unsatiable. Man’s progress in the last centuries has been rather fantastic. With science and modern technology at his command, man has gained control over nature and animals. He has become the master of the seas and the sky. This arbitrary control and use of natural resources and animal kingdom have led to ecological imbalance. This ecological imbalance has affected adversely the material, cultural and social life of man.

 Human encroachment is shrinking the world’s forests. Rainforests are vanishing at the rapid rate. The dwindling forest cover in Asia and Africa threaten the habitat of millions of specials. The loss forests threaten our natural resources, endanger water reserves and the bio-reserves. The forested mountains are the sources of water and the source of rain. When you deforest, you cause a shortage of water and a change in the rainfall patterns. The results are disastrous. The people of the affected areas are not able to get food and water. Even a century ago, the environment was very pristine, very beautiful and green. Cleaning out of the indigenous forests led to disastrous local biological diversity. All the flora and fauna disappeared. Many species of birds and animals met with extinction.

Growth, development and the growing needs of the economy have only depleted the green cover and destroyed the precious fauna and flora. Illegal mining, unplanned urbanization, industrial pollution has only helped to make our pleasant earth uglier than before. More than 4000 climbers have reached Mount Everest’s summit since it was first conquered. This has made Mount Everest as the ‘highest junkyards in the world’. India has a history of droughts, floods and famines. Deforestation and ill-advised dam-projects have led to the drying up of rivers. Groundwater reserves are being used up faster than they can be replenished. Trees are wonderful symbols for the environment. When we plant trees, we plant hope. We plant the future for ourselves, for our children, for the birds and animals.

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