Voyage to Brobdingnag Chapter 2

                                                                            CHAPTER— 2
The nine-year old girl, farmer’s daughter, loved Gulliver. She taught him the language of the people of Brobdingnag. In the exhibition she asked questions to Gulliver which the latter answered satisfactorily. The Master Giant kind and gentle to Gulliver but money minded-exhibited Gulliver in various towns, made money out of it.

The chapter throws light on Gulliver’s stay in Brobdingnag. He was treated as an object of curiosity. The farmer took him to different towns and exhibited him for a fee.

In the master’s house Gulliver developed friendship with his daughter. She was nine years old. She became friendly with Gulliver. She used to dress and undress him. She sewed garments for him. She was about 40 ft. tall. Yet she was considered to be undersized for her age. While she gave Gulliver the name ‘manikin’ , (pigy) Gulliver called her ‘Glumdalclitch’ (little nurse).
One day a visitor to the family made a suggestion. It was that Gulliver should be taken on a market day to the next town and displayed there for a small fee. Accordingly the farmer carried Gulliver in a box to the neighbouring town. His little daughter, acting as Gulliver’s nurse, also accompanied him. When they reached there, they hired the largest room in the inn. Gulliver was placed on a stool and people were invited to see Gulliver. Various questions were asked to Gulliver by the nurse. Gulliver answered them as per the instructions given. At the end of this show Gulliver was dead tired. During this show a young boy had thrown a hazelnut towards Gulliver’s head. Luckily it missed him. Had it hit the head, it would have killed Gulliver because the hazelnut too was of a large size.
Since the exhibition had proved quite profitable, the farmer decided to take Gulliver to other important cities. On 17th of August, the foamier taking Gulliver and his daughter with him, set out for the metropolis. It was situated in the middle of the country. Gulliver again was carried in a box which was tied to the waist of the farmer’s daughter. The journey took nearly three months. Gulliver was exhibited in eighteen towns.
They arrived in the metropolis. The farmer took a lodging near the royal palace. He started showing Gulliver to the people. He charged a little fee. Gulliver was shown ten times a day. Though
Gulliver could not speak the language of the natives, he could understand easily whatever was spoken.

Very short answer type questions
Q.1.Who became the best friend of Gulliver In the farmer’s house?
Ans. The farmer’s nine year old daughter became the best friend of Gulliver.

Q.2.What did Gulliver old girl ?
Ans. Gulliver lovingly called her ‘Glumdalclitch’ which means little nurse.

Q.3.What did one school boy do at the exhibition?
Ans. He threw a hazelnut towards head. It missed its aim.

Q.4. How did the nurse carry Gulliver?
Ans. She carried Gulliver in a box which she had  tied round her waist.

Q.5.How many times was exhibited to the publiC ?
Ans. He was exhibited 10 times a day.

Short answer type questions
Q.1.Describe Gulliver’s life in the farmer’s house.
Ans. The farmer had a nine years old daughter She began to like Gulliver. She used to look after him. She dressed and undressed him. She also taught Gulliver the language which was spoken in Brobdingnag.

Q.2.What was the suggestion of the visitor ? Did it work ?
Ans. The visitor suggested that Gulliver should be taken to the next town on a market day and exhibited to the people for a fee. It worked very well. The farmer took Gulliver in a box to the next town. His daughter also went with him. They displayed Gulliver to the people and made money.

Q.3.How did the daughter of the farmer help In the exhibition ?
Ans. She asked questions to Gulliver, which the latter answered. She also gave instructions to Gulliver which he followed carefully.

Q.4.How did Gulliver have a narrow escape at the exhibition ?
Ans. One day, in the course of the exhibition a young school boy threw a hazelnut towards Gulliver. It was of a large size. It narrowly missed Gulliver. Had it hit him, he would have died.

Q.5.Comment on Gulliver’s knowledge of the language of the country.
Ans. The farmer’s daughter had taught Gulliver the language of the people. He could speak their language tolerably well. He also understood their language.