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By | March 19, 2019

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Directions: In each of the following questions, choose from the given words below the two sentences, that word which has the same meaning and can be used in the same context as the part given in bold in both the sentences.

 1.I. She was sitting under the shadow of the tree.

II. The customer wanted another colour of the paint on the kitchen wall of his house.

 (a)  fade                      (b) tint                        (c) cloud            (d)  shade                   (e) reflection

2. I. His aloof behaviour is an indication of his arrogance. (Bank P.O. 1991)

II. During our field visits, we visited remote parts of Rajasthan.

 (a) inner                     (b) distant                  (c) far-off           (d) introvert              (e) depressed                         

3. I. I think this particular book gives you all the desired knowledge on this topic.

II. For packaging, one needs to have an idea of the desired dimensions of the box in which a set of items is to be contained.

 (a)  text                      (b) volume                 (c) matter           (d)  edition                (e) composition

4. I. Students started picking up their books when the bell rang. (Bank P.O. 1990)

II. There was a huge crowd at the Airport waiting for the President.

 (a) arraying      (b) collection    (c) swarming (d) gathering   (e) numbering                                                            

5.I.  I entreated before him several times but without any result.

II. The Minister asked the officers to put the scheme into

 (a) influence            (b) expression              (c) effect         (d) consequence       (e) conduct

6.I. People are worried about the growing corruption in our society.

II. Inspire of all the provocations, he maintained utmost patience. (NABARD, 1994)

 (a) restrained           (b) exercised                (c) sustained   (d) inflicted               (e) aggrieved                                                                 

7. I. The place of joining of three rivers-Ganga, Yamuna Saraswati is considered a sacred place.

II. Marriage provides a happy bond between souls.

 (a) connection         (b) union                      (c) linkage     (d) conjunction           (e) coordination

8.I.  The message was written on a piece of paper. (S.B.I.P.O. 1992)

II. Gautam got into a fight with his classmate.

 (a)  grab                     (b) box                         (c) scrap          (d) brush                      (e) fist

9.I.  The officer lost his sense of integrity and managed to embezzle a large amount of money from the public funds.

II. The remarks he made in the presence of members of the Board were really not

(a) defalcate             (b) opine                      (c) proper        (d) divest                 (e) appropriate

10.I.  Sachin managed to hold the ball even though he had to run a long distance.

II. Anshul said that the plan was not as simple as I was making it out and there was some trap in it. (R.B.I. 1991)

 (a) take                     (b) catch                       (c) grab           (d) bring                   (e) clutch                                

11.I.  The Management did not find her suitable for the job of a receptionist.

II. Kanak failed to arrange the parts of the machine properly.

 (a) fit                         (b) harbour                  (c) adjust       (d) deploy                 (e) harness

12.I.Marriage is not only a meeting of two individuals in the physical and social sense but a the spiritual union between two souls.

II. They have executed a deed to transfer their property rights in favour of the organisation of which they have been dedicated members for years.

 (a)  harmony           (b) unison                    (c) bond         (d)  treaty                  (e) agreement


1. (d)    2. (b)   

3. (b)   4. (d)  

5. (c)   6. (b)   

7. (b)   8. (c)   

9. (e)   10. (b)

11 (a)  12. (c)

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