Synonyms Words Meaning Exercise Number – 23

By | July 20, 2019

Dear users Synonyms in English are really a valuable part of the vocabulary word. If you are really in a need of synonym definition,

synonyms examples, synonyms meaning, you are at a right place this page redirects you to a synonyms dictionary which contains a lot of Synonym examples and synonyms words list a to z. The following synonym quiz, synonyms sentences, will be helpful for various competitive exams. Find these synonym exercises and worksheets which really describes vocabulary meaning or what is vocabulary in English.
Enable yourself with vocabulary words pdf and have and have option of synonyms download with the presentation of vocabulary practice. You will be happy to find 100 synonyms words-  


Direction: – Against each key word are given some suggested meanings. Choose the word or phrase which is nearest in meaning to the key word.


(A) appropriate                      (B) highly unpleasant

 (C) foolish                              (D) painful

2. Bald

 (A) broad                                (B) rash

 (C) unadorned                       (D) insulting

3. Glean

(A) to gather bit by bit          (B) speak

 (C) to discover                       (D) to polish

4. Barge

 (A) to thrust forward           (B) to brag

(C) to swell                              (D) to oppose

5. Drab

(A) dull or colourless           (B) tired

 (C) discouraged                    (D) shabby

6. Irk

 (A) to scold                            (B) to make a wry face

 (C) to urge                              (D) to annoy

7. Wield

 (A) to throw                           (B) to use with full effect

(C) to grasp                             (D) to cut

8. Wreak

 (A) to twist                             (B) to emit an unpleasant odour

 (C) to inflict                           (D) to sweat

9. Cryptic

 (A) a puzzle                           (B) silence

  (C) precise                            (D) vault

10. Elude

(A) to evade                            (B) to omit or leave out

 (C) to make mention of       (D) to deceive

11. Embroil

 (A) to anger                           (B) to bring to boiling point

 (C) to encompass                  (D) to involve in dissension or strife

12. Compound

(A) to emphasise                   (B) to confuse

 (C) to put together                (D) to compress

13. Beguile

(A) to charm                           (B) to become shy

 (C) to flatter                          (D) to smile at

14. Submerge

 (A) to walk on                       (B) to sink

 (C) to appear                         (D) to join together

15. Placate

 (A) to flatten out                  (B) to pacify

 (C) to annoy                           (D) to make sure


1.A                  2.C

3.A                  4.D

5.A                  6.D

7.B                  8.C

9.C                  10.A

11.D                12.C

13.A                14.B


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