Synonyms Words Meaning Exercise Number -2

By | March 19, 2019

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Directions: In each of the following questions, choose from the given words below the two sentences, that word which has the same meaning and can be used in the same context as the part given in bold in both the sentences.

1.I.  Mr Roy soon earned great admiration from his fellow workers for his fair and frank dealings.

II. There was a substantial rise in the value of money with the sharp de-escalation of prices.

(a)   acclamation     (b) resilience          (c)    assessment         (d) appreciation          (e)   encouragement

2.I.    The stadium is so big that it can seat more than one latch spectators. (NABARD, 1994)

II. Deepak is willing to adjust

his itinerary with mine.

 (a) hold                     (b) arrange             (c) view                        (d) participate             (e) accommodate                    

3. I. Huge crowds flung into the hall as soon as the doors were opened.

II. As the dam broke, the water of the river flowed into the village and destroyed all crops.

 (a)   drained             (b) poured              (c) gushed                   (d)  threw                     (e) rained

4.I. Avinash was the first suspect in that case. (S.B.I.P.O. 1992)

II. The driver decided to tune the engine before going to sleep that day.

(a)  major                  (b) suffer                 (c) counter                  (d) prime                     (e) complete

5.I. The Government pleaded the terrorists to release the abducted ambassador.

II. Don’t be so lavish in your habits.

 (a)  liberalise           (b) liberate             (c) free                         (d) squander               (e) discharge

6. I. Saurabh was going to the library when he met me. (R.B.I. 1991)

II. The newspapers carried the news about the murder with a large caption.

 (a) starting               (b) venturing         (c) heading                (d) prefixing               (e) beginning

7.I.  I couldn’t refuse to accept his proposal.

II. Our country is witnessing a steady fall in the moral standards of political leaders.

 (a) retrograde         (b) refute                 (c) droop                    (d) decline                  (e) neglect

8. I. The tree was leaning towards the building. (Bank P.O. 1990)

II. I was willing to accept the first offer made by the shopkeeper.

 (a)  sloped               (b) disposed            (c) bent                      (d)  forced                   (e) inclined                            

9. I. The constables decided to separate at the corner and approach the house from the two sides.

II. Shako was not willing to give her friend even a small portion of the cake she had.

 (a)   split                  (b) part                      (c) cut                        (d)  break                     (e) divide

10.I.  Stars emit light.

II. The poor fanner lived in a small hut.

(a) shred                  (b) shade                   (c) cote                     (d) shed                       (e) dwell

11.I.  I saw your photograph with that fat fellow.

II. I cannot do this work, was my instantaneous reply. (Bank P.O. 1991)

 (a) plump                (b) stout                   (c) bulky                 (d) curt                         (e) prompt                               

12.I. Literature is an imperishable and veritable arsenal where all weapons of wit and irony are stored.

II. The youth is the store-house of all that is vital and strength-giving in life.

 (a)  collection        (b) godown             (c)  depository       (d) heap

13.I. Sam’s ready wit often got him out of tight spots. (S.B.I.P.O. 1992)

II. The task they did was so different that the difference was apparent.

 (a) sharp                 (b) clear                    (c) intelligible       (d) visible                    (e) transparent                        

14.I.  The aviator was responsible for the fatal crash…

II. The ship was bound to sink but the captain continually attempted to steer the vessel out of danger.

 (a) driver                (b) guide                  (c) pilot                  (d) navigate                 (e) voyage

15. I. The commander gave the order to aim the guns at enemy positions. (NABARD, 1994)

II. It was interesting to see the line of ducklings following the man.

 (a) retinue             (b) array                    (c) target               (d) turn                         (e) train                                  

16.I.   Every confession must be made in the name of God.

II. The concept of not allowing entry into public places or temples, merely owing to caste barriers, is against humanity.

(a)  appearance    (b) disclosure           (c)  permission    (d) admission             (e) expression

17. I. I feel scared when I look at towering (Bank P.O. 1991)

II. Because of his arrogant behaviour, many people are offended by him.

(a) proud                (b) lofty                     (c) haughty          (d) high                     (e) exalted

18. I. Be calm and composed in every situation.

II. The invalid must be given desired attention.

 (a) patient             (b) mute                   (c) sick                   (d) concerned

19.I. The distance from Amman to Bombay is too far to be covered by the A 320 planes.

II. Ashish waited at the door for his father with a sad face.     (R.B.I. 1991)

 (a)  bad                  (b) heavy                  (c) long                 (d) unlucky               (e) heavy

20. I. The waiter pulled the teapot towards the chair. (S.B.I.P.O. 1992)

II. The advocate wrote up an agreement for the partners.

 (a) dragged          (b) hauled                (c) made               (d) drew                     (e) arranged                           


1. (d) 2. (e)   

3.(b) 4. (d).

5. (c) 6. (c)   

7. (d) 8. (e)   

9. (b) 10. (d)

11. (b) 12. (c)

13. (a) 14. (c)

15. (e) 16. (d)

17. (b) 18. (a)

19. (c) 20. (d)

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