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By | March 19, 2019

Dear users Synonyms in English are really a valuable part of the vocabulary word. If you are really in a need of synonym definition, synonyms examples, synonyms meaning, you are at a right place this page redirects you to a synonyms dictionary which contains a lot of Synonym examples and synonyms words list a to z. The following synonym quiz, synonyms sentences, will be helpful for various competitive exams. Find these synonym exercises and worksheets

which really describes vocabulary meaning or what is vocabulary in English. Enable yourself with vocabulary words pdf and have and have an option of synonyms download with the presentation of vocabulary practice. You will be happy to find 100 synonyms words-  



Rage                                                Fury, frenzy, craze

Release                                           Free, liberate

Reliable                                           Trustworthy, dependable

 Rescue                                           Liberate, save

Rigid                                                Stiff, strict, harsh

 Rival                                               Opponent, competitor

 Rude                                               Barbaric, uncivil

 Ruin                                                Destruction, wreck

 Radiant                                          Bright, brilliant, gleaming, sunny

 Rapid                                              Brisk, hasty, hurried, prompt

Riddle                                             Puzzle, enigma, mystery, charade

 Ridiculous                                     Absurd, hilarious, laughable, nonsensical

Rude                                               Abrupt, disrespectful, impolite


Savage                                            Wild, rude, barbarous

 Seize                                              Capture, arrest, confiscate

Splendid                                         Glorious, magnificent

Spurious                                         False

Strife                                               Rivalry, discord, dispute

Struggle                                          Fight, battle

 Summit                                          Top, apex, peak

Scanty                                             Bare, deficient, slender

Sensuous                                        Gratifying, pleasurable, sensory

 Serious                                           Grave, solemn, thoughtful, earnest

Shrewd                                            Cunning, crafty, sagacious, clever

 Slender                                           Slight, scanty, small

Solemn                                            Earnest, serious, thoughtful

 Sordid                                             Dirty, mean, slummy

Splendid                                          Brilliant, glorious, grand, outstanding

Strength                                          Courage, fortitude, stamina


Target                                              Aim, goal, object

 Tedious                                           Dull, boring, monotonous

Timid                                                Cowardly, shy

Tremendous                                   Huge, colossal

 Trust                                                Faith, belief, confidence

Tacit                                                 Implicit, silent, wordless, understood

Taciturn                                           Quiet, reserved, silent

 Tendency                                        Bent, inclination, readiness

Tribute                                             Applause, eulogy, gratitude, honour

 Trivial                                              Inconsiderable, minor, meaningless

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