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By | March 19, 2019

Dear users Synonyms in English are really a valuable part of the vocabulary word. If you are really in a need of synonym definition, synonyms examples, synonyms meaning, you are at a right place this page redirects you to a synonyms dictionary which contains a lot of Synonym examples and synonyms words list a to z. The following synonym quiz, synonyms sentences, will be helpful for various competitive exams. Find these synonym exercises and worksheets

which really describes vocabulary meaning or what is vocabulary in English. Enable yourself with vocabulary words pdf and have and have an option of synonyms download with the presentation of vocabulary practice. You will be happy to find 100 synonyms words-  



Lack                                                Want, need, shortage

Lazy                                                Slow, inactive, sluggish

Lustre                                             Shine, brightness

Languish                                        Weaken, fade

Landmark                                      Feature, monument

Lecherous                                      Lustful, lascivious, unchaste, salacious

Legendary                                     Fabled, mythical, traditional

Legitimate                                     Genuine, acknowledged, legal

Lenient                                          Compassionate, indulgent, mild

Lethargic                                       Apathetic, drowsy, heavy, sluggish

Liberal                                           Radical, charitable, generous

Lively                                             Active, quick, animated

Lucid                                              Clear, distinct, evident, obvious

Luxurious                                     Costly, lavish, splendid, rich


Magnificent                                 Grand, splendid, elegant

Manifest                                       Show, disclose, display

Marvel                                           Wonder, surprise

Massacre                                       Killing, butchery, carnage

Melancholy                                   Sad, depressed, dejected

Miserable                                      Wretched, pathetic, unhappy

Mysterious                                    Baffling, obscure

Magnanimous                               generous, selfless

Malady                                           Affliction, ailment, disease, sickness

Malice                                            Bitterness, ill will, vengefulness

Marvellous                                    Astonishing, extraordinary, singular

Melodious                                     Musical, sweet-sounding

Milieu                                             Background, environment, scene

Mirth                                              Amusement, laughter, gaiety

Mourn                                            Lament, sorrow, wail

Muddle                                           Confuse, disorder, jumble

Myth                                               Allegory, fable, fiction, legend


Naughty                                          Mischievous, disobedient

Nefarious                                        Evil, wicked, shameful

Novel                                               New, latest, fresh, innovative

Near                                                 Adjacent, adjoining

Neglect                                            Ignore, rebuff, disregard

Niggardly                                        Avaricious, sordid, miserly, stingy

Noble                                              Aristocrat, nobleman, nice

Nupital                                           Bridal, matrimonial, wedded

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