One Word Substitution Dictionary Denoting : Science, Arts & Marriage

By | May 16, 2019

One Word Substitution Dictionary is very helpful. We prove one-word substitution pdf download based on Science, Arts & Marriage. It can act one word to describe yourself. Find one word online and appreciate


 One who has only one wife or husband  at a time             monogamist

One who marries a second wife or husband while the legal spouse is an alive                                                                                                    bigamist

 The man who has more than one wife at a time                polygamist

A woman who has more than one  husband at a time     polygamist

 A hater of marriage                                                                   misogamist

 The legal dissolution of the marriage of husband and wife divorce

 Payment of money allowed to a  wife on legal separation from her  husband                                                                                         alimony                        

The property which a new wife brings  to her husband dowry


 An institution for education in the arts and sciences    polytechnic

 The art of beautiful hand-writing                                         calligraphy

 The science of numbers                                                            mathematics

 The art of preserving skins                                                     taxidermy

The study of mankind                                                                anthropology

 The study of physical life or living matter                       biology

The study of plants                                                                     botany

 The natural history of animals                                             Zoology

The study of rocks and soils                                                   geology

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