One Word Substitution Dictionary : Denoting Places

By | May 15, 2019

One Word Substitution Dictionary is very helpful. We prove one-word substitution pdf download based on Places. It can act one word to describe yourself. Find one word online and appreciate


A place where birds are kept                                               aviary

A place where bees are kept                                                apiary

A place where pigs are kept                                                 sty

The house or shelter of an Eskimo                                    igloo

The house or shelter of a gipsy                                           caravan

A house or shelter for a horse                                             stable

A house or shelter for a cow                                                pen, byre

The home of a lion                                                                  den

The resting place of a wild animal                                   lair

A place for the treatment of sick people                        hospital

A residence for monks or priests                                       monastery

A place for housing cars                                                         garage

A place for housing aeroplanes                                          hanger

A variety show performed in a restaurant                     cabaret

A place where books are kept                                              library

A place where goods are stored                                          depot

A place where leather is tanned                                         tannery

A place where soldiers are quartered                              cantonment

A place where fruit trees are grown                                  orchard

A place where orphans are housed                                    orphanage

A Muslim place of worship                                                    mosque

A place with gambling tables, etc.                                     Casino

 A covered stall at a fair, horse races etc.                        Booth

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