Idioms and Phrases Exercise No- 8 (Miscellaneous)

By | May 1, 2019

Study of idioms and phrases is very important to learn the English language. We are providing 100 idiomatic expressions which can be said idioms examples. Through this idioms dictionary, you will learn idioms and phrases English. So if you are searching for  10 idioms and their meanings with sentences, 20 idioms with their meanings and sentences you are at the right place. These 1000 English phrases are going to prove the Oxford dictionary of English idioms. These can be downloaded as idioms and phrases pdf. So Enjoy this phrases list.


Match the two parts of the idioms given in the two columns i.e., column A and column B and write them against their meaning.

Column A


  Column B


1.   to put one’s shoulder

2.  to give a person

3.  to have

4. to feather

5.  to keep one’s

6.  to take o leaf

7.  to take the law

8.  to put one’s hand

9.  to carry one


a. head on

b. one’s nest

c. to the wheel

d. to the plough

 e. at one’s fingertips

 f. into one’s hands

 g. off his feet

 h. a wide berth

  i. out of one’s book



1. c              2.h         
3.e               4.a                
5.a               6.i       
7.f                8.d                      

Download the above Idiom Exercise in PDF (Printable)

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