Idioms and Phrases Exercise No- 23

By | April 27, 2019

Study of idioms and phrases is very important to learn the English language. We are providing 100 idiomatic expressions which can be said idioms examples. Through this idioms dictionary, you will learn idioms and phrases English. So if you are searching for  10 idioms and their meanings with sentences, 20 idioms with their meanings and sentences you are at the right place. These 1000 English phrases are going to prove the Oxford dictionary of English idioms. These can be downloaded as idioms and phrases pdf. So Enjoy this phrases list.


Directions: In each of the following questions, out of the given alternatives, the meaning of the idiom/phrase in italics in choose the one which best expresses the sentence.

1.He had (to eat a humble pie) owing to his misdeeds.

 (a) feel downtrodden

(b) apologies humbly

(c) be humiliated

(d) accept abuses

2. He managed to secure the job through (backstairs influence).

(a) sheer merit

(b) hard effort

 (c) strong recommendation

 (d) underhand means

3. The police fired at (random) at the violent crowd and several persons lost their lives. (Stenographers’ Exam, 1993)

(a) pointedly

(b) aimlessly

(c) unwillingly

(d) intentionally

4. You cannot (have your cake and eat it too).

 (a) have it both ways

(b) fulfill all your wishes

(c) run away from responsibility

(d) always work according to your whims

5. He is really (worth his salt).

(a) loyal

 (b) affectionate

 (c) of value

 (d) untrustworthy

6. Some kids (get a kick) smoking cigarettes as a gesture of revolt against adult domination.

(a) are kicked for

(b) have fun

 (c) are punished for

(d) get a thrill

7. By doing these errands, he is merely trying to( curry favor )with his boss

(a) earn goodwill

(b) expect promotion

(c) gain favor

 (d) gain influence

8. His promotion is (on the cards.) (Railways, 1995)

(a) due

(b) evident

(c) certain

(d) probable             

9. As he does not listen to me, I do not( hold a brief) for him.

 (a) admire

(b) consult

(c) defend

 (d) finance

10. The two brothers have decided to go (hand in hand )in business.

(a) move in union

(b) make joint venture with others

(c) work in competition

 (d) keep parallel accounts

11. One should not indulge in (tall talks).

 (a) flattering

 (b) boasting

(c) ideal talk

(d) irrelevant talk

12. The lady was shedding (crocodile tears.)

 (a) silent tears

 (c) false tears

(b) profuse tears

(d) tears of happiness

13. He believes in the policy of (making hay while the sun shines). (Stenographers’ Exam, 1995)

(a) giving bribes to get his work done

(b) making the best use of a favorable situation

 (c) helping those who help him

(d) seeking advice from one and all

14. It is difficult for me to believe you, so please put down everything (in black and white).

(a) in detail

(b) in written form

 (c) sequentially, as it happened

(d) what you saw

15. The number of (globetrotters) has increased after the Second World War.

 (a) foreign countries

 (b) great persons

(c) people of importance

 (d) travelers around the world

16. Don’t (thrust your nose into my affairs).

(a) be in opposition to

(b) deal with

 (c) advise me about

(d) meddle officiously in

17. He is (not worth his salt) if he fails at this juncture. (G.I.C.A.A.O. 1990)

(a) quite worthless

 (b) very proud of himself

 (c) quite depressed

 (d) very strange

18. If he goes on drinking like that, (as sure as eggs is eggs), he will have no liver left.

 (a) in course of time

 (b) it is a fact

 (c) quite certainly

(d) unfortunately

19. Salish (kicked the bucket) last evening and his friends came to know about it very late.

 (a) met with an accident

(b) was badly injured

(c) quarreled

(d) died

20. He was (in a brown study) and did not seem to catch my point. (Asset Grade, 1993)

 (a) in his study room

 (b) absorbed in reading

(c) absent-minded

 (d) in a state of shock


1.(5)            2. (d)

2. (5)           4. (a)

5. (c)           6. (d)

7. (c)           8. (c)

9. (c)           10. (a)

11. (b)         12. (c)

13. (b)         14. (b)

15. (d)         16. (d)

17. (a)         18. (c)

19. (d)        20. (b)

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