Idioms and Phrases Exercise No- 1

By | April 27, 2019

Study of idioms and phrases is very important to learn the English language. We are providing 100 idiomatic expressions which can be said idioms examples. Through this idioms dictionary, you will learn idioms and phrases English. So if you are searching for  10 idioms and their meanings with sentences, 20 idioms with their meanings and sentences you are at the right place. These 1000 English phrases are going to prove the Oxford dictionary of English idioms. These can be downloaded as idioms and phrases pdf. So Enjoy this phrases list.



In this type of questions, an idiom is given followed by four alternatives. The candidate is required to choose that alternative which correctly expresses the meaning of the given idiom.

Example: To meet one’s Waterloo

(a) To die an ignoble death                             (b) To meet a strong adversary

(c) To die fighting                                           (d) To meets one’s final defeat

Solution: The idiom ‘To meet one’s Waterloo’ means ‘to meet one’s final defeat’. Hence, the answer is (d).


Directions: In each of the following questions, an idiomatic expression/a proverb has been given, followed by some alternatives. Choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given idiom proverb.

1.To turn over a new leaf

(a) To change completely one’s course of action

(b) To shift attention to new problems after having studied the old ones thoroughly.

 (c) To cover up one’s faults by wearing new marks

(d) To change the old habits and adopt new ones

2. A fair crack of the whip

(a) Severe punishment                        

(b) A good check       

(c) A period of importance               

(d) Failure of administration

3. To talk one’s head off

(a) To talk loudly                               

(b) To talk in whispers

 (c) To talk to oneself                         

(d) To talk excessively

4. To hold something in leash

(a) To restrain

 (b) To disappoint

 (c) To dismiss

 (d) To discourage

5. To play fast and loose

(a) To trust others

 (b) To be undependable

 (c) To cheat people

(d) To hurt somebody’s feelings

6. To wrangle over an ass’s shadow (S.B.I.P.O. 1984)

(a) To act in a foolish way

(b) To quarrel over trifles

(c) To waste time on petty things

(d) To do something funny                                                                                                   

7. All Agog

(a) Everybody                       

(b )Almighty              

(c) Restless                           

(d)All ready

8. To frame a person

(a) To  befool someone

(b) To make one appear guilty

(c) To praise someone

(d) A narrow escape

9. A close shave

(a) A lucky escape

(b) A clean shave

(c) A well-guarded secret

(d) A narrow escape

10. To take with a grain of salt

(a) To takes with some reservation

 (b) To take with total disbelief

(c) To  takes wholeheartedly

(d) To take seriously

11. To keep one’s head

(a) To be agile and active

 (b) To keep calm

(c) To think coherently

(d) None of these

12. To cross swords

(a) To fight

(b) ‘To  defend

(c) To kill

(d) To Rob

13. A snake in the grass

 (a) Secret or hidden enemy

(b) Unforeseen happening

 (c) Unrecognisable danger

 (d) ‘Reliable’ person

14. To give up the ghost

(a) To suffer

 (b) To fight evil forces

 (c) To die

 (d) To become rational

  1. Hobson’s choice (Railways, 1991)

(a) Feeling of insecurity

 (b) Accept or leave the offer

 (c) Feeling of strength

 (d) Excellent choice


1.(d)         2. (c)

3. (d)        4. (a)

5. (b)        6. (b)

7. (c)         8. (b)

9. (d)        10. (a)

11. (b)      12. (a)

13. (c)      14. (c)

15. (b)

Download the above Idiom Exercise in PDF (Printable)

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