Homophones pair Exercises & Printable Worksheets No. 12 & 13

By | April 2, 2019

Homophones in English is a major part of the vocabulary. Considering this we are providing homophones list and homophones with meaning. These homophones examples are really going to help you to learn correct homophones meaning. These are for all levels yet these can be said to be the homophones for kids because these homophones worksheets are like homophones games. So Enjoy these homophones exercises to enrich your vocabulary-


Choose the correct word out of those given in brackets:

  1. The World is an (allusion/illusion).
  2. The bridegroom was in (ceremonial/ ceremonious) dress.
  3. He is suffering from a (contagious/contiguous) disease.
  4. He came to (facilitate/felicitate) me on my success in the examination.
  5. She is an (idle/idol) of the younger generation.
  6. In spite of defeat, the (moral/morale) of the army was still high.
  7. He gave a (spacious/specious) argument to hide his guilt.
  8. I do not know (weather/whether) he is here or not.
  9. There was a (collision/collusion) between the car and the bus.
  10. The lecture was (comprehensible/ comprehensive) to almost everyone present.


  1. illusion
  2.  ceremonial
  3. contagious
  4.  felicitate
  5. idol
  6.  morale
  7. spacious
  8.  whether
  9. collision
  10.  comprehensible.

Download the above Homophones Exercise in PDF (Printable)


Choose the correct word out of those in brackets.

  1. The film has been (censored/censured) by the board.
  2. That is a vast (desert/dessert).
  3. I saw a beautiful marble (statue/statute).
  4. Sachin is an (idol/idle) of cricket fans.
  5. The minister placed a (wreath/wreathe) at the Samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi.
  6. After the meals, he served a delicious (desert/ dessert).
  7. He is under the (allusion/illusion) that he is very handsome.
  8. I dislike him because he behaves in a (childish/ childlike) manner.
  9. There was a (collusion/collision) between a truck and a car.
  10. He drew water out of the well with the help of a (pale/pail).


  1. censored
  2.  desert
  3. statue
  4.  idol
  5. wreath
  6.  dessert
  7. illusion 
  8. childish
  9. collision
  10. pail.

Download the above Homophones Exercise in PDF (Printable)

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