Homophones pair Examples & List with Meaning No.- 6

By | April 2, 2019

Homophones in English is a major part of the vocabulary. Considering this we are providing homophones list and homophones with meaning. These homophones examples are really going to help you to learn correct homophones meaning. These are for all levels yet these can be said to be the homophones for kids because these homophones worksheets are like homophones games. So Enjoy these homophones exercises to enrich your vocabulary-


Confusion Of Words

  1. The site (a place chosen for a building, some project etc.). Pokhran is the site of India’s nuclear blasts.

Sight (vision, the faculty of seeing). This medicine will improve your sight.

  1. Sociable (one who enjoys the company of others). Manohar Lal is a sociable and cheerful man.

 Social (concerning society). Man is a social animal.

  1. Stationary (fixed, not moving). The ship was stationary in the shipyard.

Stationery (writing material). Ram has a stationery shop just outside the college.

  1. Storey (floors of a house). He lives on the third storey of the building.

Story (tale). My grandmother used to tell me good stories.

  1. Straight (direct). This road goes straight to the post office.

Strait (narrow). The road to happiness in life is straight and zigzag.

  1. Sure (certain). I am sure that he is innocent.

Secure (free from fear or danger). In this house, we are secure from the rain.

  1. Tamper (to interfere). Don’t tamper with the documents.

Temper (state of mine). When he found his glasses broken, he lost his temper.

  1. Taut (tight). The cobra’s hood was stretched and taut.

 Taught (educated, instructed). He taught his son daily.

  1. Tear (liquid falling from the eyes). When he: end the sad news, his eyes were MI of Ears.

Tier (a row or rank). I got a berth booked in a two-tier compartment.

  1. Teem (to befall of). After rains, the earth was teeming with insects.

Team (a group, especially of players). Our hockey team is very strong.

  1. Temporary (not permanent). His appointment is temporary.

Temporal (concerning worldly affairs). A king has temporal powers but a sadhu has spiritual powers.

  1. Thorough (complete). He has a thorough knowledge of this subject.

 Through (across; over). In order to reach his house, I had to pass through a narrow lane.

  1. Truth (something true). You should always speak the truth.

 Truism (something obvious, commonplace). It is a truism that man cannot live without society.

  1. Usage (what has been long used). He does not know even words of common usage.

Custom (a tradition of longstanding). Giving of gifts at marriage is an ancient custom.

  1. Vacation (holiday). I spent my vacations in the hills

Vocation (a career). Gardening is my hobby but it is the vocation for a gardener.

  1. Veil (a curtain, especially to cover the face or something). The veiled bride was sitting in one corner of the bed.

 Wail (to bemoan, to be full of sorrow). He wailed the death of his wife.

  1. Vein (a blood artery). He accidentally cut his vein with a knife.

 Vain (conceited, proud). I don’t like her as she is a vain lady.

  1. Virtuous (full of virtue, pious). The Sadhus lead a virtuous life.

Virtual (actual, real). There is a virtual fall in the birth rate.

  1. Wait (be postponed). He waited for the return of his friend.

 Weight (mass). He was carrying a heavy weight on his head.

  1. Wander (to roam). He wandered here and there in search of water.

 Wonder (to feel surprised, to ask oneself). I wonder why there is so much corruption in India.

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