Homophones pair Examples & List with Meaning No.- 4

By | April 2, 2019

Homophones in English is a major part of the vocabulary. Considering this we are providing homophones list and homophones with meaning. These homophones examples are really going to help you to learn correct homophones meaning. These are for all levels yet these can be said to be the homophones for kids because these homophones worksheets are like homophones games. So Enjoy these homophones exercises to enrich your vocabulary-


Confusion Of Words

  1. Gamble (to risk money on a game, etc.). He lost a lot of money in gambling.

 Gambol (to jump playfully). The children are gambolling in the street.

  1. Gate (hinged movable barrier). I met him at the gate of the building.

 Gait (the manner of a person’s walk). Her gait is attractive.

  1. Hail (a. frozen rain; b. to greet somebody from a distance).

(A) The hail storm damaged the crops.

 (B) He hailed me as I entered college.

Hale (healthy). He is old, yet he is hale and hearty.

  1. Hair (thread-like strand growing from the skin). His hair has turned grey.

 Heir (one to whom the property, etc. is bequeathed). He is heir to his uncle’s property.

  1. Heal (their cover of a wound, etc.). His wound has now healed.

 Heel (the back part of the foot). He fell down and injured his heel.

  1. Hoard (to amass). the lie has hoarded a lot of money.

 Horde (a group, or crowd). A horde of people took out a procession through the city.

  1. Imaginary (unreal). He told me an imaginary story.

 Imagination (forming of images in the mind). In my imagination, I saw a lion.

  1. Implicit (understood implied). Her approval was implicit in her silence.

 Explicit (clear). The meaning of this statement is explicit.

  1. Industrial (concerning industry). Ludhiana is an industrial city.

 Industrious (hard working). Shubham is an industrious student.

  1. Ingenious (clever or skilful). He escaped through an ingenious plan.

 Ingenious (open and frank). An ingenious person is never deceitful.

  1. Irruption (sudden rush of people). There was a violent irruption of people at the Kumbh Mela.

Eruption (sudden burst; sudden throwing up of lava). A volcanic eruption took place yesterday.

  1. Judicial (pertaining to a judge or a court). I am ignorant of judicial procedure.

Judicious (showing wisdom, fair). He makes a judicious choice of clothes.

  1. Knave (a dishonest person). Don’t trust him. He is a knave.

 Naive (innocent, impractical). He has a naive simplicity.

  1. Lightning (making less heavy). The government should make efforts to lightening the load of people’s poverty.

 Lightning (flash of electricity in the clouds). “; c flashing in the sky.

  1. Loose (slack, one which is not tight). My trousers are loose at the waist.

 Lose (to cease to have, to miss). If you don’t take care of your watch, you will lose it.

  1. Main (chief). What is your main aim in coming here?

 Mane (the long hair on the neck of a horse, lion, etc.). He tamed the horse by holding it by the mane.

  1. Medal (a piece of metal given as an award). He won a gold medal in swimming. Meddle (interfere). We should not meddle in the affairs of others.         

 Mettle (spirit or courage). Only men of mettle can win a war.

Metal (gold, silver, iron, etc.). Gold is a precious metal.

  1. Meter (an instrument for measuring). Our electricity meter is faulty.

 Metre (unit of length in the metric system). This piece of cloth is four metres long.

  1. Minor (smaller, less important, etc.). He is a minor actor.

 Miner (one who works in a mine). A number of miners were killed in the accident.

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