Homophones pair Examples & List with Meaning No.- 3

By | April 2, 2019

Homophones in English is a major part of the vocabulary. Considering this we are providing homophones list and homophones with meaning. These homophones examples are really going to help you to learn correct homophones meaning. These are for all levels yet these can be said to be the homophones for kids because these homophones worksheets are like homophones games. So Enjoy these homophones exercises to enrich your vocabulary-


Confusion Of Words

  1. Deprecate (disapprove, censure). I deprecate the custom of dowry.

Depreciate (fall in value). The value of the rupee has greatly depreciated.

2.Destiny destiny (fate). It is man’s destiny to suffer.

Destination (goal). He reached his destination with great difficulty.

  1. Desert (noun = a vast stretch of sand: verb = to forsake or leave).

(i) Sahara is a big desert. (ii) We should not desert our friends in case of difficulty.

 Dessert (course of fruit, sweet dishes, etc.). After the meal, he served us a delicious dessert.

  1. Dew (drops of moisture). The grass was covered with dew.

 Due (the amount payable). I have not vet paid the college dues.

  1. Die (to expire). His uncle died in a road accident.

 Dye (to colour). He has dyed his turban green.

  1. Dose (the quantity of medicine, etc.). A large dose of this medicine will cure you of your pain.

 Doze (to have light and interrupted sleep). I found him dozing in the chair.

  1. Draught (a quantity of liquid). Ile took a large draught of whisky.

Drought (lack of rain). When Fatimah entered the village, it started raining and the drought ended.

  1. Dual (two-fold, of double significance). Sonic countries have a system of dual citizenship.

 Duel (combat or fight between two people). In the past armed duels in the streets were very common.

  1. Effect (verb = influence; noun = to achieve).

 (i) The cinema has a lot of effect on the children of today.

 (ii) The principal affected many changes in college.

 Affect (verb=to influence).The policies of the government will affect the whole country.

  1. Elicit (to extract or draw out). I tried my best but could not elicit any information from him.

 Illicit (unlawful, forbidden). He has illicit relations with his neighbour’s wife.

  1. Eligible (qualified). You are eligible for the post of a teacher.

 Illegible (which can not be read). Your handwriting is illegible.

  1. Emigrant (One who leaves his country to settle in another). The number of emigrants to western countries is increasing.

Immigrant (one who comes to settle in a foreign country). The immigrants from Bangla Desh were settled in Bengal.

  1. Especially (particularly, above all). He wanted my advice, especially on the stock market.

Especially (on purpose). I have come specially to see you.

  1. Factious (disloyal or turbulent). The party suffered because of the factious spirit of its members.

Fictitious (unreal, imaginary). He told us a fictitious story.

  1. Fair (beautiful, just). The judge gave a fair decision.

Fare (the price of a journey). The railway fares have been increased.

  1. Fate (destiny). Nobody is sure about his fate.

 Fete (an entertainment to raise money). The students or gained a fete to collect money for the relief fund.

  1. Flagrant (open, obvious — used in a bad sense). In India, we find flagrant misuse of official power.

Fragrant (having a sweet smell). The atmosphere in the garden is fragrant because of flowers.

  1. Forego (precede, to go before). You can find this information on the foregoing pages.

 Forgo (to go without, to surrender). He decided to forgo a number of comforts in order to give his son a higher education.

  1. Foul (unfair, disgusting). You should not play foul.

 Fowl (bird, like chicken). A number of fowls died on his poultry farm.

  1. Gaol (jail). He was sent to gaol for robbery.

 Goal (destination). One must have a definite goal in life.

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