Antonyms Dictionary, Examples and Exercises No. -49

By | March 26, 2019

Dear users Antonyms in English is really a valuable part of the vocabulary word. If you are really in a need of antonyms search, this page redirects you to an antonyms dictionary which contains a lot of antonyms examples. The following antonyms list will be helpful for various competitive exams. These antonyms and synonyms words are arranged alphabetically. Find these antonyms exercises and worksheets which really describes vocabulary meaning or what is vocabulary in English. Enable yourself with vocabulary words pdf with the presentation of vocabulary practice. You will be happy to find 100 words with synonyms and antonyms-


Directions: In each of the following sentences, choose the word opposite in meaning to the bracketed word to fill in the blanks.

1. Wood is (opaque) but the glass is ………

 (a) hard                    (b) smooth               

(c) soft                          (d) transparent

2. My plans may sound rather (nebulous) to you, but they are very ……… to me. (C.B.I. 1988)

 (a) clear                   (b) concrete             (c) prominent             (d) conspicuous

3. Take these (stale) buns away and bring the………. ones.

 (a) new                    (b) fresh                    (c) good                        (d) sweet

4. Though they expected a (surplus), the annual accounts showed a ………. of several thousand    

 (a) reduction         (b) shortness           

(c) loss                          (d) deficit

5. People often prefer (ambiguity)…….. (I.E.S. 1994)

 (a) clarity rationality      (b) perversity (c) rationality            (d) certainty 

6. You can’t (tackle) him, so just …….. him.

 (a) oppose             (b) overlook               (c) avoid                     (d) appease

7. Never (neglect) the ideals of elders, rather always……….. them.

 (a) follow               (b) cherish                 (c) Praise                     (d) grasp

8. I had always thought that Manick was (candid) in his dealings, but he turned out to be ………

 (a) rude                  (b) cunning               (c) vague                     (d) deceptive

9. Never (dissipate) energy resources, but always …….. them.

 (a) utilise               (b) organise              (c) mobilise                (d) conserve

10. What one considers ………… maybe vice to another. (C.B.I. 1987)

 (a) courtesy          (b) kindness              (c) virtue                     (d) goodness

11. We should (condemn) social evils, and …….. those who did a lot to eradicate them.

 (a) praise               (b) prefer               (c) accept                (d) enamour

12. I would advise you to (pacify) your father, and not ……… him by arguing.

 (a) insult                (b) offend             (c) aggravate          (d) injure

13. In these days of rising prices, you must be (economical) in your habits, don’t be so……..

 (a) cheap               (b) extravagant   (c) miserly               (d) expensive

14. I felt (tired) here, but the holiday in Ooty made me feel ……….

 (a) healthy            (b) recovered       (c) rested                 (d) refreshed

15. Generally, she is (cautious), but you can’t predict when she is………. (C.B.I. 1987)

 (a) kind                  (b) fast                   (c) rash                     (d) hurtful

16. ………..and not (hesitation) works business.

 (a) Optimism        (b) Firmness         (c) Decision            (d) Strength

17. These (spurious) documents can never substitute the…….. ones.

 (a) obvious            (b) authentic       (c) fictitious           (d) genuine

18. During our long freedom struggle, the non-violent movements received huge (acclamation) while those involving violence and bloody massacres faced ………

 (a) denunciation  (b) suppression  (c) termination     (d) applause

19. (Absolute) control of the firm is what he wanted, but he ended up with……….  (C.B.I. 1987)

 (a) little                  (b) few                  (c) complex           (d) limited

20. ISI marked goods are always (pure) and never ………….

 (a) dirty in             (b) mixed             (c) adulterated     (d) stained



1. (d)          2. (a)       

3. (b)          4. (d)     

5. (a)          6. (c)      

7. (b)          8. (d)     

9. (d)          10. (c)

11. (a)        12. (c)   

13. (b)       14. (d)  

15. (c)       16. (b)   

17. (d)     18.  (a)  

19. (d)      20. (c)

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