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By | March 26, 2019

Dear users Antonyms in English is really a valuable part of the vocabulary word. If you are really in a need of antonyms search, this page redirects you to an antonyms dictionary which contains a lot of antonyms examples. The following antonyms list will be helpful for various competitive exams. These antonyms and synonyms words are arranged alphabetically. Find these antonyms exercises and worksheets which really describes vocabulary meaning or what is vocabulary in English. Enable yourself with vocabulary words pdf with the presentation of vocabulary practice. You will be happy to find 100 words with synonyms and antonyms-


Directions: In each of the following sentences, choose the word opposite in meaning to the bracketed word to fill in the blanks.

1. Pleasure is …… and not (eternal).

 (a) immaterial           (b) divine             (c) spiritual               (d) transient

2. A (bold) man can live life better than a ……….

 (a) gentle                    (b) weak               (c) meek                    (d) ineffective

3. youths disturb the (tranquil) atmosphere by indulging in anti-social activities.

 (a) Frustrated             (b) Anxious         (c) Agitated              (d) Quarrelsome

4. He holds (extreme) views on taxation, but there are others whose views are…….. (C.B.I. 1987)

 (a) refined                  (b) moderate      (c) plain                     (d) ordinary

5. He was (dismissed) from the office, but when all the charges against him proved to be false, he was ……….

 (a) accepted              (b) employed     

(c) recalled               (d) reinstated

6. I had left the room in an (orderly) state, but on returning I found it in a state of ……

 (a) confusion            (b) awkwardness (c) turmoil               (d) rummage

7. Shalini has a (slender) figure, while her husband is ……….

 (a) brave                    (b) frail                   (c) healthy               (d) stout

8. ……… always helps man succeed, but (lethargy) makes him suffer in life.

 (a) Intelligence        (b) Activity             (c) Sharpness         (d) Quickness

9. All her life she has been (insulated from) the harsh realities of the world but now she is all kinds of hardship. (C.B.I. 1987)

 (a) exposed to          (b) troubled by     (c) used to              (d) worried about

10. You must (avenge) your father’s death, and not………. the culprit.

 (a) exempt                (b) reward              (c) forgive               (d) save

11. Such talks are (absurd); you should indulge………. in talks.

 (a) correct                 (b) fictional           (c) proportional     (d) rational

12. I feel (at home) in the hostel but………. in my house.

 (a) unwelcome        (b) unhappy          (c) unpleasant        (d) ill at ease

13. You shouldn’t be (proud), but be your conduct. (C.B.I. 1987)

 (a) unsure of           (b) worried about  (c) ashamed of      (d) concerned about

14. Mohan is a (diligent) worker, while his brother Kishen is a……….. one.

 (a) sedulous            (b) lazy                      (c) sedentary         (d) attentive

15. Ram Lal, through his hard labour, converted the …….. land into a fertile one.

 (a) unproductive   (b) dry                       (c) barren                (d) deserted

16. (Elevation) and …….. are important features of geographical study.

 (a) Reduction         (b) Compression     (c) Retardation      (d) Depression

17. Sherlock Holmes is a (fictitious) character and not a one.

 (a) authentic          (b) concrete             (c) proven               (d) real

18. All that he said was (pertinent) to the topic, and nothing was ……….

 (a) different           (b) detached            (c) obsolete            (d) irrelevant

19. This book seems rather (complicated), I think this matter should be …….. and categorised.

 (a) smooth             (b) simple                 (c) fragmented      (d) straight

20. She has an (attractive) figure, but her temper is most ………. (C.B.I. 1987)

 (a) complex           (b) unpredictable   (c) distracting        (d) repulsive


1. (d)            2. (c)   

3. (c)             4. (b)   

5. (d)            6. (c)   

7. (d)            8.  (b)  

9. (a)            10. (c)

11. (d)        12. (d)

13. (c)        14. (b)

15. (c)        16. (d)

17. (d)       18. (d)           

19. (c)       20. (d)

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