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By | April 25, 2019

Dear users Antonyms in English is really a valuable part of the vocabulary word. If you are really in a need of antonyms search, this page redirects you to an antonyms dictionary which contains a lot of antonyms examples. The following antonyms list will be helpful for various competitive exams. These antonyms and synonyms words are arranged alphabetically. Find these antonyms exercises and worksheets which really describes vocabulary meaning or what is vocabulary in English. Enable yourself with vocabulary words pdf with the presentation of vocabulary practice. You will be happy to find 100 words with synonyms and antonyms-


Directions: Each of the following questions consists of a word or phrase within a bracket. It is followed by certain words or phrases as options. Select the word or phrase which is opposite in meaning of the word or phrase within a bracket.

1. Her (impetuous) behaviour was attributed to her upbringing.  (N.D.A. 1994)

 (a) poised                    (b) rash             (c) quiet and gentle        (d) sluggish 

2. His book has a short but useful (introduction).

 (a) deduction             (b) end              (c) termination                 (d) conclusion

3. He has been (acquitted) of the charge of theft.

 (a) punished               (b) convicted  (c) released                        (d) exonerated

4. Her new hairstyle looks very -(attractive).

 (a) unblooming         (b) grand         (c) unbecoming                (d) fascinating

5. Everything about him, especially his talkative nature, proclaims his (effeminacy). (C.D.S. 1993)

 (a) boorishness       (b) manliness   

(c) aggressiveness            (d) attractiveness

6. He harvested a rich crop from that (fecund)

 (a) fertile                  (b) obsolete       (c) barren                            (d) fruitless

7. He said it would be (convenient) for him to meet me there.

 (a) inadvisable       (b) objectionable (c) troublesome             (d) desirable

8. His (tardy) manners were a great impediment in the path of his success.

 (a) quick                  (b) enthusiastic (c) sluggish                         (d) progressive

9. The usual (adulation) of the officers must end. (N.D.A. 1996)

 (a) back-biting      (b) flattery          (c) condemnation             (d) praise

10. He harboured a feeling of (malice) towards his younger brother.

 (a) love                    (b) rancour         (c) spite                                (d) goodwill

11. They had an (insipid) (Railways, 1994)

 (a) curious              (b) loud               (c) argumentative             (d) lively

12. Self-reliance has been (adopted) as an important objective of economic planning in modern India.

 (a) discarded         (b) denied           

(c) forsaken                         (d) refused

13. I found my views to be (congruous) to those of my father.

 (a) irregular           (b) mismatch     (c) inconsistent                   (d) disagreeing

14. The leader might have had some (covert) reason for the change of his political affiliations. (C.D.S. 1992)

 (a) flimsy                (b) inexplicable (c) obvious                          (d) unjustifiable

15. The fifteenth century witnessed an era of (Renaissance) in Europe.

 (a) pestilence        (b) decadence    (c) immorality                    (d) prehistory

16. The Chief Minister was given a warm welcome at the (onset) of the function.

 (a) hindrance       (b) commencement    (c) finale                     (d) conclusion

17. It is surprising to find her (condoning) such an act. (N.D.A. 1995)

 (a) disparaging   (b) condemning  (c) disliking                         (d) forbidding

18. His conduct on the stage was (applauded)

 (a) booed             (b) silenced           (c) hated                              (d) disturbed

19. Worldly-wise people find it prudent to adopt a morally (flexible) attitude towards current behaviour patterns.

 (a) weak               (b) uncompromising      (c) hostile                (d) neutral

20. At least some students are in the habit of doing their exercises in a (slovenly) (C.D.S. 1995)

 (a) neat                (b) proper               (c) decent                           (d) correct


1. (c)         2. (d)  

3. (b)        4. (c)   

5. (b)        6. (c)   

7. (c)        8. (a)   

9. (c)        10. (d)

11. (d)     12. (c)

13. (c)     14. (c)

15. (b)    16. (c)

17. (b)    18. (a)

19. (b)    20. (d)

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