Reading Skills get sharpened through unseen passage reading comprehension test so we are providing reading comprehension exercises with answers. Going through these reading comprehension passages with multiple choice questions will really help you to solve reading comprehension questions. We provide simple comprehension passages with questions and answers which have value based questions. Go through this reading comprehension pdf and reading passage worksheets to learn English.


Passage – 1 SUNLIGHT  (100 Words objective unsolved)

Passage – 2 A POOR MAN  (100 Words subjective unsolved)

Passage – 3 Dashratha in Ayodhya (150 Words Objective Solved)

Passage -4 My Grandmother (100 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage – 5 Forests (141 Words, Objective, Solved)

This passage describesforests benefitsincludingforests background. Go through this passage and find forests conservation in Indiaincluding someforests facts. Know aboutforests types in India

Passage -6. Democracy (100 Words Objective Solved)

Passage – 7 Oils (142 Words, Subjective, Unsolved)

This passage describes how oils spills. Read this passage and find outoils environmental impactas well asoils density.

Passage -8. Behaviour (100 Words Objective Solved)

Passage-9 ARCHAEOLOGISTS (150 Words, objective, Unsolved)

This passage gives archaeologists definition and tells what is archaeologists discover because these days archaeologists career is an emerging field.

Passage-10 SUNLIGHT (100 Words, objective, Unsolved)

This passage describes sunlight exposure for vitamin d and tells how sunlight is vitamin d. Read and know how sunlight energycan be useful and how sunlight and vitamin d are closely associated.

Passage-11 WATER (150 words, Objective, Unsolved)

This short save water essay can be said water conservation essay also. It is full of importance of water. It can also be used as article on save water and save water speech. These are 10 lines on save water as well as 10 lines on importance of water.

Passage-12 Land of Knowledge (150 Words Subjective Unsolved)

This passage is a knowledge base which sets up a knowledge definition and tells knowledge meaning focusing on knowledge is power. There should be knowledge based system which creates a knowledge management. Read and try to create knowledge management system.

Passage -13 Yoga Asanas (150 Words Subjective/Objective Unsolved)

This yoga essay describes yoga asanas meaning focusing on yoga health benefits. Yoga importance is immense so gather yoga informationand remember yoga definition.

Passage -14 Benefits of Yoga (150 Words Objective Solved)

This yoga essay describes benefits of yoga and meditation because benefits of yoga for health are immense. Yoga asanas have a lot of benefits of yoga retreat. Read this yoga asanas meaning articleto know benefits of yoga research. This yoga definition gives you yoga information and focuses on health benefits as well as yoga importance. Read to know some yoga tips

Passage – 15 Fire (150 Words Objective Solved)

This is an essay on fire. It describes what actions can be taken in case of fire and what is the responsibility of fire brigade.

Passage -16 Nightingale (150 Words Subjective Solved)

This passage describes nightingale history. Read this to know a little more about nightingale.

Passage -17 Giant (150 Words Objective Solved)

This passage describesgiant meaning. Read and find out a little detail about the giant.

Passage -18 The responsibility of the State (150 Words Objective Solved)

This responsibility essay sets up a responsibility definition. Read to find out responsibility examples and try to understand real responsibility meaning.

Passage -19 Tolerance (150 Words Subjective Solved)

This tolerance analysis says that tolerance are specified. Read this tolerance definitionand try to understand tolerance standard so that you are familiar with tolerance meaning. Take up tolerance test and set up tolerance table for yourself.

Passage – 20 Indian Plains (150 Words Objective Solved)

This passage is all about Indian Plains specially focusing on northern plains of India. Plains of India are really a matter of learning which include northern plains and ganga plain.

Passage -21 Voice against Violence (150 Words Objective Solved)

This violence examples passage describes some violence facts covering a little violence history. Read this to know violence meaning because violence psychology is totally different. Learn violence law and work for violence prevention.

Passage – 22 Foreign Cultures (150 Words Objective Solved)

This passage describes cultural diversity as there are so many cultures in the world. Read about cultures types and cultures food and get cultures nutrition.

Passage – 23 Agricultural Land (150 Words Objective Solved)

This passage describes agricultural land conversion as agricultural land classification is an important point to learn. This passage focuses on agricultural development in India and agricultural economics. Read about agricultural land and understand agricultural meaning.

Passage -24 Cartoons (150 Words Objective Solved)

Passage – 25 Badly Treated (150 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage -26 Curse Poverty (150 Words Subjective Solved)

This poverty article can be used as poverty essay which focuses on poverty and unemployment and sets up poverty definition because poverty and starvation are increasing so fast.So to find somepoverty causes and effects read this article and work for poverty alleviation.There are so many poverty causes in India, find and eliminate them to reach poverty conclusion.

Passage -27 Englishman (150 Words Subjective Solved)

This passage describes Englishman meaning and tells you about Englishman slang. Read about Englishman speaking and work for Englishman paving.

Passage -28 Surface (100 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage -29 Travelling (100 Words Subjective Unsolved)

Passage -30  Painter (150 Words Subjective Solved)

This passage is all about painter artist. Go through and gain knowledge.

Passage – 31 ABRAHAM LINCOLN (150 Words Subjective Solved)

This passage is Abraham Lincoln biography including Abraham Lincoln achievements. This Abraham Lincoln essay explains Abraham Lincoln early life, Abraham Lincoln facts and Abraham Lincoln story. Read this Lincoln autobiography.

Passage -32 Behaviour (150 Words Subjective Solved)

This passage explains behaviour meaning.

Passage -33  Hinduism (150 Words Subjective Solved)

This passage is a fine hinduism essay with hinduism definition and hinduism facts. Read the passage and find Hinduism history where Hinduism explained well

Passage -34 About Computers (150 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage – 35 Guru Gobind Singh (150 Words Subjective Solved)

This passage describes Guru Gobind Singh Ji life. Read and find out what were the difficulties of His life and how much powerful Guru Gobind Singh G was.

Passage – 36 The Arjun (150 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage – 37 BAD BREATH (100 Words Subjective Solved)

This passage is all about bad breath causes.  It also describes bad breath remedies including bad breath solutions which may be said to be a bad breath cure.

Passage – 38 ATMOSPHERE  (150 words objective unsolved)

Passage- 39 FOOD CHAIN  (100 Words objective unsolved)

Passage – 40 BEARS  (150 Words objective unsolved)

Passage – 41 SOLAR  SYSTEM  (150 Words subjective unsolved)

Passage – 42 Snake Charmers (150 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage – 43 Debt (150 Words Subjective Solved)

This passage is all about debt and credit including debt example and debt definition. You will learn debt meaning in English and debt management.

Passage – 44 Language (150 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage – 45 House (150 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage – 46 Great Book (150 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage – 47 Disputes (150 Words Subjective Unsolved)

This passage is all about disputes meaning in English. Go through the passage and learn disputes meaning. 

Passage – 48 Cheating (150 Words Subjective Solved)

This passage is a good cheating essay which clearly defines cheating meaning. Go through the passage and learn the cheating definition.

Passage-49 Cultural Activities (150 Words Subjective Unsolved)

This cultural background passage describes cultural change or cultural diversity. Cultural behaviour is necessary in every civilization that’s why cultural activities in school are conducted so that cultural differences and cultural exchangecould be established. Some cultural festivals are in fashion these days because of which cultural heritageis alive andcultural resources are available. Read this passage and gain cultural sensitivity.

Passage – 50 Grambling (150 Words Subjective Solved) 

This defines grumbling meaning. Go through the passage and find the grumbling meaning.

Passage – 51 Human Effort (100 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage – 52  Food (150 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage – 53 Cheating in Examination (150 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage – 54 Useful Purpose (150 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage – 55 Aim of Education (150 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage – 56 Type of Society (150 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage – 57 Means of Communication (150 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage -58 Rats (150 Words Objective Solved)

Passage -59  Mode of Exercise (150 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage – 60 Good Manners (150 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage – 61 Literate India (150 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage – 62 Abilities (150 Words Subjective Unsolved)

Passage – 63 Influences (100 Words Subjective Unsolved)

Passage – 64 Presence of Energy (150 Words Objective Solved)

Passage -65 Downstairs (150 Words Objective Solved)

Passage – 66 Value of Book (150 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage -67 Debates (150 Words Objective Solved)

Passage -68 Calculations (150 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage – 69 History Books (150 Words Objective Solved)

Passage – 70 Good Manners (137 Words Subjective)

Passage -71 Vidyasagar (132 Words Subjective)

Passage -72 Cheating is a Major Defect (150 Words Objective Solved)

This passage gives cheating definition focusing upon cheating is a choice as cheating in examis a curse. Read and find out cheating meaning not to celebrate cheating day.

Passage -73 Good Teacher (150 Words Objective Solved)

This good teacher essay can be used as a good teacher paragraph because it is full of good teacher characteristics and good teacher skills. Read and find good teacher definition to know good teacher tips and adopt good teacher attributes as good teacher resources are always useful.

Passage – 74 Elephant’s Trunk (150 Words Objective Solved)

This passage describes elephant trunk facts including some things like elephants colour and other elephant information. Read about elephant kind and start elephant learning including elephant life span and elephants meaning.

Passage -75 Bee Society (100 Words Objective Solved)

Passage – 76 Foolish Drunkard (100 Words Objective Solved)

Passage -77 Human Efforts (100 Words Objective Solved)

This passage describes efforts meaning. Read this to understand human activities how human beings adopt human element. Have a clear understanding of human meaning.

Passage -78 Attractive (150 Words Objective Solved)

Passage -79 Television (100 Words Objective Solved)

This television essay focuses on television advantage and provides television definition. Television in India is a major pastime for people.

Passage-80 CERAMICS (150 Words Subjective Solved )

Passage-81 POPULATION (150 Words Subjective Solved)

This population article lays emphasis on population control and sets up population definition. Too much population density is not good it can cause population explosion.Read this population essay to understand population facts including population growth and economic development.

Passage-82 THE RAIN (150 Words Subjective Solved)

This rain essay is all about rain background which focuses on rain clouds and describes rainfall telling you the rain meaning.

Passage-83 TELESCOPE (150 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage-84 NAINITAL (150 Words Subjective Unsolved)

Passage-85 TEACHERS (150 Words Subjective Solved)

This teachers essay describes teachers and students relationship and does a little teachers evaluation focusing on teachers importance. It also considers teachers language in the classroom. Read this paragraph about teachers speech and know teachers thought.

Passage-86 ENERGY (150 Words Subjective Unsolved)

This passage sets up energy definition and focuses on energy saving and energy utilization giving you energy conservation tips. Read this passage and learnenergy management system because energy resources are very limited.Learn energy meaning and avoid energy crisis.

Passage-87. FILM FESTIVAL (100 Words Subjective Solved)

This passage is all about film festival and suggests you about some film festival event ideas.

Passage-88. School Phobia (150 Words Subjective Solved)

This passage describes school phobia test and sets up phobia meaning discussing some school phobia symptoms. Read phobia definitionand understand phobia disorder. Do phobia diagnosis and get rid of phobia diseases with the help of phobia examples.

Passage-89  ATMOSPHERE (150 Words Subjective Unsolved)

This passage sets up atmosphere definition focusing on atmosphere composition giving some atmosphere facts. Read this passage to know more about atmosphere meaning and atmosphere pollution.

Passage-90 HISTORY OF LITERATURE (150 Words Subjective Unsolved)

Passage-91 FINE ART (150 Words Subjective Unsolved)

This passage describes fine art background setting up a good fine art definition. It also includes fine art examples. Read this passage to understand fine arts meaning.

Passage-92 SACRIFICE (150 Words Subjective Unsolved)

This sacrifice essay describes sacrifice meaning and sets up a fine sacrifice definition.

Passage-93 Impression (150 words Subjective Unsolved)

Passage-94 TERROR (150 Words Subjective Unsolved)

This passage describes what is terror attack. Read this to know more about terror attack.

Passage-95 ROAD ACCIDENTS (150 Words Subjective Unsolved)

This road accidents essay describes road accidents facts because the number of accidents and injuriesis a lot. Read this passage and understand accidents meaning.

Passage-96 PENCIL (150 Words Subjective Unsolved)

Passage-97 Sarojini Naidu (150 Words Subjective Solved)

This Sarojini Naidu biography gives Sarojini Naidu information. Read to know more about Sarojini Naidu.

Passage-98 CONTINENT (150 Words Subjective Unsolved)

This passage sets up continent definition. If you are searching for continent define read this passage to get continent meaning.

Passage-99 Child Welfare Centers (150 Words Objective Solved)

This child welfare article describes child welfare act in India including a little child welfare history and sets up a Child welfare definition.

Passage -100  Food (130 words Subjective)

Passage -101 The Song of Birds (138 Words Subjective)

Passage -102 Enormous Increase in Population (157 Words Subjective) 

Passage – 103 Language (132 words Subjective)

Passage -104 A Great Book (158 words Subjective)

Passage -105 Cheating- A Major Defect (139 words Subjective)

Passage -106 Fuel (140 Words Subjective)

Passage -107 Walking (152 Words Subjective)

Passage – 108 Screamed (140 Words Subjective Unsolved)