Media Has Forgotten its Role

By | May 1, 2017

Debate against the motion that Media has Forgotten its Role

Debate in favour of the motion is media doing its job properly?

Is media doing a good job?

Media is not doing any harm to the society

Article in favour of media

Media Has Forgotten its Role

When I was a boy of 5 years old we used to drive every summer to hills, and every year when we used to come back in the middle of the night, it was pitch black. In the middle of the woods, I could never see anything ahead of the headlights but I always felt so safe because I knew my dad was driving. As I have grown up I see myself in the same situation being driven by media in the car of my democracy and I feel safe as if it knows whats coming in the night and it will be there to protect us. In the midst of revelry and Rivalry, we often forget to appraise those who have always stood by us. Today, With a strong motive of appraising an old friend and preserving my pillar of Democracy,

I ………………………..stand here to speak against the motion “Media has forgotten its role as the fourth pillar of democracy”

Whether we turn to the declarations of the past or to the professions of present, the conduct of nation has always required the nurturance of Media. I would like to ask if national movements and campaigns like “Make In India”, “Save & Educate Girl Child” & Cleanliness campaigns would have gained momentum without mobilisation of Public opinions?

As a watchdog, shielding democratic ideals, media has emerged as a powerful political force to reckon with for condemning dictatorial tendencies of the govt. Holding it accountable and stirring it from its languor to explain their decision and actions. I really wonder to find my worthy opponents accusing media of being irresponsible and wayward. To my fellow mates who nurture this belief, I would like to remind how media played a significant role in overthrowing the dictatorial regime of Mrs. Indira Gandhi after emergency?

Over the past few decades media has evolved as a great source to propagate views polices, &future plans of ruling govt, oppositions other parties of the nation.

I would like to ask if Mr. Narender Modi could assume dignified office of PM had he not tapped the doors of media to promote policies and manifesto of his party.

Media has emerged as an alternative centre of check & balance for these three pillars holding them to account by periodically exposing national leaders and officials through in-depth probes and sting operations.

The details of press exposed Bill Clinton and Richard Menon in US, Antaualay in Maharashtra, 2G and 3G bofors, colgate scams are still fresh in my mind which certainly belie the claims of my worthy contenders that media serves the vested interest of  Political Parties.

Rather, I believe

Media, as its bastion, garners diverse views and opinions of public, national leaders and officials on various national and political issues which eventually shape the future policies and decisions of the ruling government.

Educating the masses for social upliftments, Protecting human rights, Right of the destitute & minorities are the Characters functions of democracy. Media establishes rule of law & order and espouses the cause of social justice through wide coverage of exploitative malpractices.

How can my opponents forget it was media that sought justice for Jessica Lal, Aarushi Murder, Farmers of Maharashtra and Dalit’s of Gujrat. Are these not real issues?  Needless to say media as a constituent part of democracy safeguards the right to freedom of speech of citizens but also demarcates the limit to which one is entitle to this right, thus reminding citizens their responsibilities and duties towards their nation.

Modern Media has waged a fearless war against terrorism for preserving the autonomy and sovereignty of the nation.

Can we be ever sceptic about the dauntless attempt of media to discourage to youth from falling a prey to ISIS- a raging inferno of Muslim fundamentalism, infesting young minds in the name of Jihad?

Media has established a new approach of national integration whereby it acts as a purveyor to promote culture of love & the cult of fraternity by uniting people into one strand, burying evils forever in the catacomb of chronicles.

Let us all stand in solidarity with media for taking up arms against the conspirators of our democracy & render our unconditional support, born of our faith, to it for being the citadel of our precious constitutions & effective weapon of Our Legislature.

Thank You

Jai Hind

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