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Story Writing Class 8 (Tips, Examples & Worksheets)

Story Writing

Story writing is an art that requires a lot of communication skills and imagination. First of all, it requires the art of narrating things in an interesting way. You will be given either the introductory lines or some hints or both. You have to develop the story based on the input or the introductory lines. You have to develop it on the same theme as intended by the introductory lines or by the input. You can’t go against the stated theme.


1. Basically, developing and writing a good story needs the art of narration. You have to narrate the incidents in a sequential order leading to the final conclusion.

2. Students should follow the basic theme as expounded by the input or by the introductory lines. They are not supposed to invent new and different themes.

3. Within the given limits, students are left with enough space where they can give expression to their creative talents.

4. The beginning and the concluding lines must support the main part of the events described in the story.

Confine your narration to about 150-200 words as per the guidelines laid down by the CBSE.

Some Solved Examples of Story Writing:-

1. Short Story: The Doorbell Rang
2.Short Story: Distraction
3. Short Story: Walked Fast
4.Short Story: Late Night
5.Short Story: Old Lady
6.Short Story: GET-TOGETHER
8.Short Story: The sacrifice of a Bamboo Tree
9.Short Story: God Hidden in People
10.Short Story: Believing in People
11.Short Story: Real Education
12.Short Story: Forgiveness of Sins
13.Short Story: Where there is a will, there is a way
14.Short Story: Who is a Lesser Fool?
15.Short Story: My First Day on the Land of Lilliputians
16.Short Story: GLORY OF GOD
17.Short Story: The Gypsy Princess
18.Short Story: FOOTBALL
19.Short Story: POOR CAT
20.Short Story: CROWD OR PEOPLE
21.Short Story: SUMMER HOLIDAY
22.Short Story: CAMP
23.Short Story: EXCITEMENT
24.Short Story: A Blind Girl
25.Short Story: Temper Control
26.Short Story: Learn and Earn
27.Short Story: The Magic Gold Fish
28.Short Story: Shakuntala and Dushyanta
29.Short Story: GROUP OF MONKEYS
30.Short Story: “Tomorrow is an auspicious day”
31.Short Story: Solomon — the Wise King
32.Short Story: The Wise Judge
33.Short Story: Cruel Master
34. Short Story: Woodcutter
35. Short Story: The First Voyage of Daud
36. Short Story: The story of Two Sindbad’s
37. Short Story: The Story of the Hunchback
38. Short Story: The Story of the Merchant and the Jinn
39. Short Story: The Story of the Fisherman
40. Short Story: My First Day in the Land of Lilliputians