Class 10 Social Science Chapter – 4 The Age of Industrialization History MCQ Test

Dear students as per the latest exam pattern of CBSE Class 10 social science multiple choice questions and answers will be a part of your question paper. Here we are providing mcq for class 10 social science History chapter  4  The Age of Industrialization. So let’s dive in for imp mcq of sst class 10


The Age of Industrialization

Multiple Choice Questions

Q.1. Who among the following produced a popular music book that had a picture on the cover page announcing the Dawn of the Century?

 (a) New Comen

(b) James Watt

(c) E.T. Paull

(d) Mathew Boulto

Q.2. Who created the cotton mill?                                          

(a) Richard Arkwright

(b) Williams

(c) Newcomen

(d) James Watt

Q.3. Which of the following were the most dynamic industries of the Great Britain?                                                                                        

(a) Cotton and Sugar Industry

(b) Cotton and Metal Industry

(c) Metal and Agro-based Industry

(d) Ship and Cotton Industry

Q.4. The introduction of which new technology in England angered women?

 (a) The spinning jenny.

(b) The underground railway.

(c) The steam engine.

(d) None of these.

Q.5. When was the first cotton mill established In Bombay?

 (a) 1854

(b) 1855

(c) 1856

(d) 1857

Q.6. Dwarkanath Tagore is a …………..                                    

(a) Painter

(b) Industrialist

(c) Philosopher

(d) Social Reformer

Q.7. Who was a jobber?                                                               

(a) A person employed by the industrialist to get new recruits.

(b) A person employed by the farmers to sell their products.

(c) A person, who was doing the most important job in a factory.

(d) A paid servant of the East India Company.

Q.8. How does advertisement help us to create new consumer?

 (a) It makes product appear desirable and necessary.

(b) They try to shape the minds of people and create new needs.

(c) It helps in expanding the markets for products.

(d) All of the above.

Q.9. Which among the following is associated with Gomasthas ?

 (a) Trader

(b) Businessman

(c) Unpaid Servant

(d) Supervisor appointed by the company.

Q.10. Who among the following set up the first Indian Jute Mill in Calcutta in 1917 ?                                                   

(a) Seth Hukumchand

(b) G.D. Biria

(c) Jamsed Jee Nusrwan Jee Tata

(d) None of the above

Q.11. Which one of the following was the job of Gomastha ?

 (a) Supervise weavers

(b) Coiled supplies

 (c) Checking quality

(d) All the above 

Q.12. The person who got people from village, ensured them jobs, helped them settle In cities and provided them money in times of need was known as:                      

(a) Stapler

(b) Fuller

(c) Gomastha

(d) Jobber

Q.13. Production processes involving carding, twisting, rolling and stapling are associated with:                                                                       

(a) Textile industry

(b) Railway industry

(c) Shipping industry

(d) Glass industry

Q.14. In 1911, 67 per cent of the large industries were located in one of the following places in India:                                                            

(a) Bengal and Bombay

(b) Surat and Ahmedabad

(c) Delhi and Bombay

(d) Patna and Lucknow

Q.15. When did the exports of British cotton goods increase dramatically?

 (a) In the early 17th century

(b) In the early 18th century

(c) In the early 19th century

(d) In the early 20th century

Q.16. What was “Spinning Jenny”?                                          

(a) A machine

(b) A person

(c) An industry

(d) None of the above

Q.17. Which of the following were the Pre-Colonial ports of India?

 (a) Surat and Masulipatnam

(b) Madras and Hoogly

(c) Madras and Bombay

(d) Bombay and Hoogly

Q.18. The Nationalists message of Swadeshi was spread through:

(a) Tariffs

(b) Advertisements

(c) Force

(d) Low Prices

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Q.19. When did the earliest factories come up In England?  

(a) In 1720s

(b) In 1730s

(c) In 1740s

(d) In 1750s

Q.20. Khostis were :                                                                   

(a) a community of weavers

(b) weavers

(c) cotton weavers

(d) landless labourer

Q.21. At which place from the following the first spinning and weaving mill was set up in 1874?                                                                     

(a) Kanpur

(b) Madras (Chennai)

(c) Ahmedabad

(d) Bombay (Mumbai)

Q.22. Why did the women working in the woolen textile industry begin attacking the Spinning Jenny?                                                  

(a) It caused them unemployment

(b) They could not operate the machine

(c) It did not produce finer yam

(d) They were scared of the machine


1. (c) E.T. Paull
2. (a) Richard Arkwright
3. (b) Cotton and Metal Industry
4. (a) The spinning jenny.
5. (a) 1854
6. (b) Industrialist
7. (a) A person employed by the industrialist to get new recruits.
8. (d) All of the above.
9. (d) Supervisor appointed by the company.
10. (a) Seth Hukumchand
11. (d) All the above
12. (d) Jobber
13. (a) Textile industry
14. (a) Bengal and Bombay
15. (c) In the early 19th century
16. (a) A machine
17. (a) Surat and Masulipatnam
18. (b) Advertisements
19. (a) In 1720s
20. (a) a community of weavers
21. (b) Madras (Chennai)
22. (a) It caused them unemployment

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