English sample / Model paper for class 10 – Set 13- 2020

By | July 23, 2021
English sample / Model paper for class 10 - Set 13- 2020


ENGLISH- Language and Literature (code 184)


Time allowed : 3 Hrs                               Maximum Marks : 80

General Instructions:

1.This Paper is divided into three sections. All questions are compulosry.

2. Separate instructions are given with each section and question, wherever necessary. Read these instructions very carefully and follow them.

3. Do not exceed the prescribed word limit while answering the questions.

                                              Section : A                          20 Marks

Read the passage carefully.  (12)


1 While it is a well-known fact that yoga, certain kinds of music and some calming foods, are known to relieve stress, the latest trend is the search for certain scents with calming properties that can help a person to unwind and soothe the nerves.

2 One such scent that is now being touted as having calming properties, is lavender. It has long been a popular ingredient used in most spas as the scent is believed to help one sleep better. To test its properties one sleep better. To test its properties one can opt for a lotion with lavender as its ingredient. An even better option is to spray the scent on the pillow for a Sound sleep.

3 Everyone has heard of mint Chutney that is served with samosas and pakoras, but few would think of applying a mint based paste on One’s body. Yet this is just what is recommended for those who would like a smooth and purifying effect on the mind, brought about by this application.

4 Citrus fruits are not only good for health but also serve as good mood lifters. Sniffing lemon zest Is believed to soothe Overstress and the smell of grapefruit is known to curb depression. Other advantages include memory enhancement from smelling oranges. Even the zest of orange can make one feel energetic. Therapists also recommend that one can light an orange-scented candle by one’s side, in the bath, and imbibe the same benefits.


5 For that nagging headache that comes on whenever you step out into the scorching sun, there is yet a cure available from the array of calming scents. According to some researchers sniffing at a green apple cannot only cure a headache but help alleviate it altogether.

6 The latest finding of the calming properties of scents has entered the realm of roses. Since time immemorial the flower has been associated with happiness, love and joy. With this new finding, it will now embody an additional quality of relieving stress. The ideal way to prove it would be to use a rose-scented soap or massage with rose-scented body oil before going under the shower,

1 Answer the following questions in about 30-40 words.  (2*4=8)

(a) What does the latest research into scents reveal?

(b) What are the latest findings of the properties of lavender?

(c) How do citrus fruits help in calming the body?

(d) What are the properties of green apples?

2 Do as directed.                                                                    (1*4=4)

(a) The word ‘calming’ used in the passage denotes……………………

(i) composing oneself                         (ii) decomposing oneself

 (iii) making oneself sleepy              (iv) adding colour to one’s life

(b) The word ‘touted’ in the passage expresses………………….

 (i) winning a horse race                  (II) trying to promote something

 (iii) giving away things                    (iv) going on a fast walk

 (c) When ‘something is recommended’ it is………………………..

(i) widely criticized                             (ii) re-used a second time

(iii) widely approved                         (iv) started again

 (d) ‘A therapist is a person who ………………………..

(i) is an animal doctor                       (ii) practices medicine without a degree

(iii) a mind doctor                              (iv) is a doctor in theory

Read the passage carefully.  (8)


Low-cost airlines can help bridge metro- mofussil divide paradoxically, even as India’s long-fettered civil aviation sector was all set to take off with strategic mergers and buy-ins, some 12,000 ground staff of the state-owned domestic carrier, Indian, went on a sudden strike paralysing the airline’s services all over the country. This goes to show that the Indian skies will continue to experience a bumpy ride until increasing competitive efficiency helps to clear the air. There are signs that this is happening. The low-cost carriers that have sprung up in India in the last couple of years have helped unleash the potential of the country’s aviation sector. They have proved that not only urban travellers but also people from tier two and tier three cities yearn to fly and have the resources to do so.

India has the fastest-growing number of air passengers in the world. While only 15 million passengers, a little more than the number of people who use the rail network in a single day, travelled by air in 2003-04, the figure was almost 75 million in 2005-06. This number is expected to grow substantially to approximately 350 million passengers by 2020.

Sensing this phenomenal growth many Asian carriers are queuing up to provide international connectivity to and from India. The international traffic out of India is expected to grow by 15 per cent this year. Foreign low-cost carriers are offering unprecedented fares to international destinations. And as competition increases, India’s own airlines would be forced to bring down their fares in the international sector as well. Already announcements have been made that Jet-Lite and Air Deccan are considering flying on international routes soon. They would most probably offer services as

value carriers.

What is interesting is that the foreign low-cost carriers are targeting India’s tier two and tier three cities. This is a smart move and the government must go all out to back them. Instead of protecting state-owned airlines, the government must focus on facilitating private players. Overheads for operating from small cities, like airport fees, are much lower compared to the metros. The move will not only make international air travel affordable to thousands of Indians but would also lead to faster development of India’s smaller towns. There are 454 airports and airstrips in India, including abandoned and unused ones. if the government revives them, they could go a long way in benefiting mofussil India.   

(a) Answer the following questions briefly- (1*8=8)

(i)  What has helped to unleash the potential of the country’s aviation sector?

(ii) Why are many Asian carriers queuing up to provide international connectivity to and from India?

(iii) What will happen, as the competition between the fares increases?

(iv) Why are the foreign low-cost carriers targeting India’s tier two and tier three cities?

(v) How will international air travel become affordable?

(vi)How many people travelled by air in 2003-04?

(vii)What will happen if the abandoned and unused airstrips are revived?

(viii)How can sudden strikes be put off?

                              Section : B                                        30 Marks

Q.3 Write a letter to the Chairman, North Delhi Power Limited complaining about frequent power failures in your area. You are the General Secretary, Saraswati Vihar Welfare Society, New Delhi. (8)


Homework, Exams, Sports, Work, Friends or Family? There’s a lot to cause stress among students these days! Balancing all these parts of your life can be difficult at times. Taking ideas from the poster given alongside and using your own ideas, suggest ways to combat the ‘problem of stress among students’. Write an article in about 100-120 words. You are Rachit/Rachita, a student

4. Write a story in about 150-200 words with the following beginning and give a suitable title to it. (10)

It was 6 o’clock in the evening and there was a lot of traffic on the road. Mohan was driving his way when suddenly two teenagers on bike overtook his car.

Q.5 Complete the following passage by choosing the most appropriate options from the ones given below.   (1*4=4)

He (a)________ the session with a prayer, prolonging it until the others join and the valleys echo with the chants, (b)_______ the cry of jackals. Time was when he (c) _______his stories to the accompaniment of musical instruments, but now he depends only on himself. The films (d) away from all the fiddlers and crooners, who have no time nowadays to stand at the back of an old story-teller and fill his pauses with music.

(a)(i) began                (ii) begin              (iii) begins           (iv) is beginning

(b) (i) drowned          (ii) drown             (iii) drowns          (iv) drowning

(c) (i) was narrating   (ii) narrated         (iii) narrates       (iv) had narrated

(d) (i) have taken      (ii) had taken       (iii) has taken     (iv) did take       

Q.6. The following paragraph has not been edited. There is one error in each line. Write the incorrect word and the correct in your answer sheet against the corrrect blank number.(1*4=4)

                                                                                                Incorrect     Correct

On the way back, one of his men fall, into                  e.g.,    fall                fell

a coma. Soon, a blizzard hit him. Scott was(a)      _______        _________

left with none other alternative but to pitch his          

                                                                              (b)      _______        _________

 tent and waiting for the blizzard to pass.   (c)      _______        _________

Unfortunately the blizzard grown fiercer.  (d)      _______        _________

Q.7 Look at the words and phrases below. Rearrange them to form meaningful sentences. The first one has been done as an example. Write the correct sentences in your answer sheet against the correct blank number.(1*4=4)

(a)  to detect fish / dolphins / sonar / use / about / 110 m away / up to

(b)  seals do not use sonar, / since / was believed / they relied on / or passive hearing / but / it / vision / that

(c)  to be useful / whiskers / only / were / in detecting objects / one centimeter / of within a range / thought / or less.

(d) hunting tools / enable them to locale / seals whiskers / important / as far as/ 180m away / are /they / their prey

                                        Section : C                         30 Marks

Q.8 Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow. 1*4=4

I had made my plans in advance. The only way was to get Tricky out of the house for a period. I suggested that he be hospitalized for about a fortnight to be kept under observation.

(a) Identify ‘I’ in the above extract.

(b) What was his concern?

(c) Who did the speaker suggest to?

(d) What kind of a person do you think the narrator is?


The true chameleon is small,

A lizard sort of a thing;

He hasn’t any ears at all,

 And not a single wing.

 If there is nothing on the tree,

 It’s the chameleon you see.

(a) Which other creature does a chameleon resemble?

(b) How does the poet describe a chameleon?

(c) What does the poet want through the poem?

(d) Why can’t one see a chameleon on the tree?

Q.9 Answer any five of the following questions in 30- to 40 words each. 2*5=10

a.What is the theme of the poem — ‘How to Tell Wild Animals’?

b. A ball is an easily available, inexpensive thing. Then, why is the boy so sad to lose it?

c. What message does the poet want to give through the poem — ‘Amanda’?

d.Why did Hari Singh tell a lie about cooking?

e. Describe Horace Danby.

f. Describe the movement of the tiger in the cage and in the wild.

Q10. Describe Griffin’s encounter with the village constable Jaffers. Why did nobody lay hi0 hands on Griffin? (8)


Why was the narrator sent to New Mullion? Why didn’t he succeed in his mission on his first visit?

Q11. Describe the rainforests, the river Kaveri and coffee plantations in Coorg. (8)


Mijbil did things which demonstrated its personality. Which qualities of the narrator are shown in his care for Mijbil?