6.E-mail to your father showing your inability to go home as planned earlier.

By | July 30, 2018

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 You are Slahesh an employee of Rubber India Limited. Hyderabad. You planned to visit your home during the month of January, 2015. But you are not able to go your home as you has e been asked to go to Delhi during that period by the company. Send an email to your father showing your inability to go home as planned earlier.


From: maheshpk@ yanoo.com

To: pradip@gmail.com

Date: 25th December. 2014

Subject: Unable to come home as planned earlier.

Dear father,

How are all at home? I am doing well here. I am going to Delhi for 20 days in the month of January on an urgent work of the company. So I will not be able to come home as planned earlier. However, I will cerise after I return from Delhi. I miss you all.

With Love.


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