Class-8 12. Speech Writing : `Reservation in Educational Institutes’

By | February 12, 2019

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No doubt there has been a social injustice for a majority of the people in our country. It has to be set right. We already have a reservation for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. Expanding it is not the right solution. It is not the right way to move forward. Write a speech on the topic—`Reservation in Educational Institutes”.

Ans. Dear Friends,

‘Reservation in Elite Educational Institutes’ is the theme of my talk. Quotas and reservation have divided our society. Don’t you think so? We have the temerity to harp on ‘Unity in Diversity; when the government policies are focusing in just the opposite direction. Isn’t it living in a fool’s paradise? Politicians, just to stick to their chairs and to keep their vote banks intact do everything to divide the people.

Another mindless policy has been presented and it is hiking reservations in elite educational institutions. It amounts to denying seats on merit. Isn’t it the greatest injustice? Will, it does not greatly dilute the talent? Will not world-renowned universities stop admitting IIT graduates because their quality is no longer reliable? A day may come when politicians will pass a bill empowering the universities to give first class degrees to the students from reserved quota without examination. We have levelled the playing field for the SCs, STs and OBCs. Should not we stop here? I am totally for giving the deprived all facilities and environment to be meritorious but no further reservations should be made. When it comes to higher education in elite institutions, everyone should get an equal chance. Thank you!

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