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Read the given passage very carefully :
In an extraordinary display of courage and stamina, a Florida man swam 25 miles over 38 hours to reach land while towing two people and helping two more, after the light plane crashed off the Bahamas.
Mr Dan Tuckfleld, 35, recovering in a hospital in Miami wept yesterday as he described how, despite his efforts, two died after more than 12 hours in the water. All five abroad survived when the twin-engined, Piper Seneca ditched into the ocean off Bimini. Before it sank, Mr Tuckfield managed to retrieve his wetsuit, flippers and a facemask.
The pilot, Brand Youngberg, 48. and passenger Delabo Hicks, 58, survived, while Mr Ira Bloom, 54 and his wife Dorothy died.
Mrs Bloom was unable to swim, So It Tuckfleld carried her on his back while Mr Bloom wearing a life jacket was attached to his wetsuit with a strap. Mr Tuckfield even tried to save their dog, a spaniel, by tucking it under this arm. The party stayed

near the wreckage for about four hours, but after several planes had flown overhead without responding to their emergency lights, they decided to swim towards Bimini. where they could see lights.
“But the current was too strong and dragged us south, so we changed course for Cat Cay (on the Florida Coast)”, said Mr Tuckfield.
Shouting encouragement to his two fellow survivors. Mr Tuckfield swam all night.
Speaking through parched lips he said. “The Blooms had both swallowed a lot of salt water and Ira became ‘national and took off his vest. He let himself to go under even though I dragged him back up and tried to resuscitate him.
I could see huge tiger sharks circling closer and closer and let Ira’s body go”.
The Blooms were friends and he had gone to the Bahamas from his home in Fort Lauderdale to help them repair their boat. After Mr Bloom died. he struggled on with a weakening Mrs Bloom on his back.
But by noon she became delirious, then she turned white and pale and she never came to. After that, the dog started to panic and, weeping again. Mr Tuckfield said he had had to drown it.
For a while, he tried to continue with Mrs Bloom’s body still on his back. But he felt himself tiring and set it free. He called to his two remaining companions to say that he planned to get ashore as quickly as he could and they should continue swimming until he could alert rescuers.
At 7.39 am. on Thursday morning. he staggered ashore on Cat Cay and saw a man walking on the coast road. He waved his flippers to attract attention and gave him directions as best as he could to find the other two men. Then he collapsed. Within two hours helicopters had found the other survivors.

Based on your reading of the passage answer the questions as briefly as possible, in the space provided :
(a) Why was the Florida man compelled to swim twenty-five miles ? ______________________________________________________________________________
(b) How many passengers were on board ? ______________________________________________________________________________
(c) How many passengers survived and how many died ? ______________________________________________________________________________
(d) What did Mrs. Tuckfield retrieve from the plane ? ______________________________________________________________________________
(e) Why did Mr. Tuckfield carry Mrs. Bloom on his back ?
(f) Complete the sentence : They changed the course because
(g) Mr.Tuckfield had gone to the Bahamas because______________________________________
(h) Which words in the passage indicate that they were thirsty ? _____________________________
(I) Where did Mr. Tuckfield live ?
(j) He let himself go under’ means. _______________________________________________________________________________
Answers :

(a) Because the twin-engined plane Piper Seneca in which he and four others travelled had crashed into the ocean. (b) 4 passengers and one pilot
(c) Two survived, two died
(d) Wetsuit, flippers and a face mask
(e) Because she was unable to swim.
(f) the current was very strong and dragged them southwards
(g) he had to help his friends the Blooms to repair their boat
(h) Parched lips

(i) In Fort Lauderdale

(j) He let himself drown Give an incident that reveals the specified characteristics of Mr. Dan Tuckfield, in the space provided.

            A                                                                                                      B
(a) Stamina                                                        _______________________________

(b) Determination                                            _______________________________

(c) Helpful                                                           _______________________________

(d) Presence of mind                                         _______________________________
Answers :

(a) swimming 25 miles

(b) fought all odds to help himself and his friends to survive

(c) going to Bahamas for repairing the boat

(d) before the plane sank, he managed to take out his wetsuit, flippers and face mask.

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