Class 7 Unseen Poem-1 FAIR PLEDGES (100 Words objective unsolved )

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                             FAIR PLEDGES                                              

Read the following poem carefully:                                                                                                     

Fair pledges of a fruitful tree,
Why do ye fall so fast?

 Your date  is not so fast,
But you may stay yet here awhile
To blush and gently smile,
And go at last.

What were ye born to be
 An hour or half’s delight,
And so to bid good night?
T’was pity Nature brought ye forth
Merely to show your wort

 And lost you quite.
But you are lovely leaves, where we
May read how soon things have
Their end, though ne’er so brave:                                                                                  
And after they have shown their pride
Like you awhile, they glide
Into the grave.

Choose the most appropriate  option out of the following:                                                               

  (i)’Why do ye fall so fast?’ These words express that the poet………….

         (a)is happy at their fall                                       (b)is indifferent at their untimely fall

         (c)is sad at their short stay in the world         (d)is sad that they are falling fast before their time.


 (ii)’Your date is not so past’ here means that…………………

         (a)their time has come                                        (b)their time will not come

         (c)their end has not come so far                         (d)their end will never come.


 (iii)It was a pity that Nature brought the beautiful flowers only……………………

         (a)to show their beauty                                       (b)to show their strength

         (c)to lose them so early after showing their worth and beauty    (d)to lose them.


 (iv)The flowers are like lovely leaves of………………….

        (a)a book where one can read how things have their end

        (b)a tree where one can see beauty all around

        (c)a book where one can get knowledge

        (d)a book where one can find nothing.


(v)Fair pledge means:

        (a)beautiful leaves 

        (b)beautiful flowers 

       (c)beautiful sights  

       (d)beautiful promises.

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