8. No man can serve two masters meaning in English

By | May 8, 2020
No man can serve two masters meaning in English

Expansion of idea No man can serve two masters.The following page provides best proverbs for students and these are the proverbs with explanation in pdf. Read proverbs for kids. English language study requires proverbs in English for students with meanings so we areproviding a list of proverbs for children. These proverbs quotes shall prove to be very useful and you may think it to be book of proverbs. Read these thoughts and their meanings. Best part is proverb expansion which can be said thoughts with their meanings. Read these famous proverbs in English and make them proverbs for life. These proverb examples are going to suit every age group because these include inspirational proverbs which everyone requires. Let’s dive into thought for the day with short explanation-

Proverb 8

No man can serve two masters

You cannot be loyal to two people, organizations, systems or principles that are completely opposed to each other:

Use of the Proverb No man can serve two masters in sentences-  

  • it is not surprising that John is having difficulty reconciling his left-wing political views with his executive position in business; no man can serve two masters.
  • No man can serve two masters and yet Peter is a member of a church which is against materialism, while being a successful stockbroker in the city.
  • No man can serve two masters and during the football World Cup, Mario had a real problem. He felt that he should be supporting England because he was born there, but his older relatives were all supporting Italy, where the family had come from.

Additional Help Regarding No man can serve two masters

The proverb is biblical in origin, being an allusion to Matthew 6:24—’No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other.’ The two masters, in this case, are God and Mammon, the pagan god of wealth.

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