Process Writing Examples

1. Describe the process of washing clothes.

Ans. Dirty cotton clothes and fine clothes are segregated because they require different washing techniques. Cotton clothes are put into a hot solution of washing soap and water and fine clothes are dipped in a solution of mild detergent and cold water. Fine clothes are rubbed gently with a fine brush. Then they are rinsed in clean water twice. Then they are put on a line under shade to dry. Cotton clothes are taken out of the hot solution and are rubbed hard till the dirt is pushed off. Then they are rinsed with clean water two or three times. They are put on the line under the sun to dry.

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2. Describe the process of opening a savings bank account.

 Ans. A savings bank account can be in the name of an individual or it can be a joint account. First of all, you go to the information desk of the concerned bank and express your wish of opening an account. The executive will ask for your Adhar card to verify your identity and issue a form.

 The prescribed form is filled in and the specimen signature is affixed on a postcard type card. Two passport size photographs are submitted along with it. The officer asks you to deposit the minimum amount at the cash counter. The depositor is given a passbook displaying his account number, occupation and address. The savings account is opened. Withdrawals can be through cheques or withdrawal slips. The chequebook is issued if the depositor maintains a minimum specified balance.

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3. How to borrow a book from the library.

Ans. For borrowing a library book, you go to the library with your library card and approach the librarian who tells you in which shelf the required book is placed. You pick up the required book from the shelf and proceed to the counter. You hand over the book and your library ticket to the concerned man. He pens down the date of issue on the ticket and also on the end-blank-page of the book. You are asked to check the book to your satisfaction. He hands over the book to you and keeps the library ticket. The man at the gate checks the book and allows you to exit. The process is over and you are with the required book in your hands.

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4. Describe the process of getting a bus pass.

 Ans. You go to the roadways counter and get a printed application, form. You fill it up. You affix your signature on it and hand it over to the clerk concerned with a passport-size recent photograph and a certificate that you are a bona fide student. The clerk checks the filled form and gets it countersigned by his officer. Then you are asked to deposit the required amount. The clerk advises you to come after a day or two and after showing the deposit receipt collect your bus pass. This way you get your bus pass with your photograph posted on it.

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