Amazing Essay on Future Schools

Essay on Future Schools – The future of education is an interesting topic to think about. The article below provides a searing insight into the future of schools and how they will change in the future.

Essay on Future Schools

Amazing Essay on Future Schools

In the future, schools will be much different than they are now. Schools will be more interactive and engaging with the students. They will also be more technology-based. The way that students learn will change as well. In the future, students will learn through Virtual Reality (VR). VR allows students to experience things in a new way and makes learning more exciting. Another way that schools will change in the future is through MOOCs or massive open online courses. MOOCs are online classes that are offered by universities around the world. These classes are typically free to take and can be completed in a few weeks or months. This type of education is growing in popularity because it offers a variety of benefits over traditional schooling. For example, MOOCs allow students to receive real-world education from top professors without having to leave their home country or spend years in college. Additionally, MOOCs provide a competitive edge for students who want to get ahead in their field.

Taking the information given below in the input, develop it into a paragraph (100-150 words). You can invent your own details.


Story ‘The Fun They Had’ — the year 2157 — no separate buildings — no human teacher — no printed books — e-books — TV screen — mechanical teacher — slot to put homework — no fun & romance of old schools — not same learning.

Ans.                          Future Schools

The story ‘The Fun They Had’ deals with the ‘schools’ that will function in the year 2157. They will have no separate building. Only a bedroom will serve the purpose. The teachers will not be living human beings. There will be no printed books. They will become irrelevant. TV screens will have millions of books on them. The mechanical teacher will have a slot where homework and test papers will be put. Only the punch-code language will be used. All students will not learn the same thing. Hence, they will not be able to help each other. The mechanical teacher will be adjusted according to the mental level of each student. Without grand buildings and human teachers, the so-called ‘schools’ in future will lose the fun and romance of the good old schools.

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Write a paragraph on the topic in about 80 words:

Ans.                   What I want to do for My School.                                                         

 I want to see my school as a dream school, in which students have all facilities they could require. If I have money, I would like my school to have as many computers as the number of students. I want all the students to learn the use of a computer, have access to the Internet and increase their global knowledge. I want my school to come to the International standard of schools. If all the students of my school become computer literate then that will be a Dream comes true.

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