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By | March 13, 2023

Vote of Thanks Sports Day

‘Gratitude can miraculously transform the ordinary into extraordinary & fills colours of joy into the drab canvas of life.’
Warm Greetings to the august gathering of guests & dignitaries. A sport is the quintessence of education process in schools. It cultivates sense of discipline, cooperation, coordination, leadership & team spirit in students. To uphold the same belief, sports meet is organized in (Name of School) every year.
I believe nothing can be more rewarding than to thank our esteemed guests for the day whose propitious presence on the sports Meet has propelled our Sports Star excel at different Sports activities & clinch glory for their alma mater.
Any worthy event owes its grandeur to the steamy flow of blessings from the almighty above. It’s his benevolence that has made the event see the light of the day. I feel extremely delighted to acknowledge that an eminent chief guest of the special event as enormous and worthy as sports Meet is its lifeblood, Sir, your gracious presence on this day as it has from the bottom of our hearts got a infused freah a gasp for of breath in the sports events and has given an impetus to the performance of all sports enthusiasts & participants. Sir, your words of wisdom on this special occasion have established the importance of sports in the life, character & holistic of an individual. Thank you very much Sir/Ma’am once again. Your sprightly deposition has indeed ignited the spirit if healthy competition among the participants and teams and instilled them with to prove their brawn in sports arena.
I wish to steal this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to Mr./Mrs __, the Guest of Honour, an outstanding academician/educationist/ renowned sports star whose contestant laudation of our participants, efforts has worked wonders with the level of motivation of our participants.
I also deem it important to convey my sincere thanks to the captain of our ship (Name of the school). Sir,Ma’am you, have with your passion for sports, have kindled a fervent desire in students to unleash their creative energy & their mental strength on games field. It’s your contestant support & encouragement that has brought out best in our sports luminaries.
We also owe our thanks to Vice-Principal & administrator for their frequent monitoring of physical arrangements and their support in the smooth conduct of this mega event.
We cannot thank enough our dear parents whose amiable presence on this special day has lent oomph to the sports activities. Dear Parents, all our efforts are directed to transforms your dreams into reality & to give the best life experiences to your wards to facilitate their journey towards success.
Finally, with an overwhelming sense of gratitude, I wish to appland teachers & non- teaching staff for each extra mile you took, pushed to our participants to their goals abd enabled them to savour success.
We believe its your whole-hearted participation that may teach you to conquer most difficult challenges & sail through adversities. I wish to acknowledge the committed endeavours of all the participants of this event. It’s your ability and which enabled you to discover an unknown facet of your personality and helped you tread the path of victory.
I wish to convey my compliments to the winners and those who couldnot make to the victory stand, I have a piece of advice.
The Pursuit of victory or success should never be given up. It’s your perseverance & diligence which may determine your success/victory.’
Thank you all one again.