Vote of Thanks for Conference | Speech in English

By | March 13, 2023

Vote of Thanks for Conference

‘The golden words of gratitude are etched on the hearts of the guests, wreathing hosts & guests, in an inexplicable bond of love & concern.’
Good Morning/evening to the most venerated chief justice, present dignitaries, worthy delegates, worthy teachers & my dear friends.
I take it as the most opportune moment to express profound gratitude to the august assemblage of guests who partook the glory of this academic conference and shared their valved suggestions.
It’s a rare honour for the college/school/university to host the biggest education conference and cater to all the delegated & dignataries who despite their myriad pre-engagements, made it to the conference of such gigantic proportion. The overwhelming participation of more than _ representative & colleges & universities is in itself a great achievement & success. It also speaks volume about the zeal & enthusiasm of the participants to learn, share & disseminate learning.
On behalf of the entire teaching faculty & the University Education council, I would like to express my deep gratitude to our distinguished Chief Guest Mr. ____, () for being here on this special occasion. Sir, the amiable company of such an erudite like you has lent a to this event and has inspired the gathering of scholars to excel in their chosen domains. Sir, your sage advice & valued opinions have certainly broadened the horizon of understanding of the representative assembly & participants.
I once again thank you Sir/Ma’am for blessings us with your presence on this abiding occasion.
I am indeed thankful to all the honoured representatives for being with us and contributing efficiently to make this event a grand success. Your creative ideas & suggestions are worth pondering over and have widened the scope of the topic under review.
I also wish to acknowledge the devoted endeavours of the organizing team, teachers & other staff members. They all have strivenhard , talking time by the forelock, to execute the assigned tasks to perfection and to extend hospitality to all the participants & guests.
My thanks is also due to the transport & Accommodation Team. I believe the immaculate physical arrangements are the lifeline of any event. This conference wouldn’t have been possible, if it had not been your commitment to add comforts to the stay of the participants & your organizational skills. Thank You once again.
I express my heartfelt thanks to the Press & Media, the sponsorers & Hospitality Partners. It’s your financial & Physical support, concern, proportional strategies & that we attribute the great success of this conference to.
Finally, Once again I would like to thank the respected assembly of representatives, worthy chief, guests, eminent officials of participating colleges & universities for being a significant part of this conference and for forging a long association with our institution.
Thank you all.