15. Unseen Poem Comprehension for Class 8

By | July 12, 2021
Strew On her Roses

Strew on her roses

Read the following poem carefully:

Strew on her roses, roses,

And never a spray of yew!

In quiet she reposes:

Ah, would that I did too;

Her mirth the world required;

She bathed it in smiles of glee

But her heart was tired, tired,

And now they let her be

Her life was turning, turning,

 In mazes of heat and sound

But for peace her soul was yearning,

Her cabined, ample spirit,

It fluttered and failed for breath.

Tonight it doth inherit

The vast hall of death.

 Answer the questions as briefly as possible.

(a) How does the poet feel at the woman’s death?

(b) What kind of nature did the woman have?

(c) What did the woman not get in her life?

(d) When did the woman get peace?

(e) Before dying how did her spirit behave?

(f) How did the woman show her happiness to the world?

(g) How is the world of death?

(h) Give the noun forms of the following words:

(i) quiet                        (ii) bathed         

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