66. Reading Skills Comprehension: Advertisement

By | May 13, 2023
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Read the Passage Carefully and answers the Following Questions:-

It is almost impossible to escape from advertisements. Large hoardings stare down at you from the sides of the roads; neon signs wink above shops; in magazines and newspapers advertisements take up more room than the reading material. All these are twentieth-century developments which have grown side by side with the spread of education and technical advances. Advertising assaults not only our ears and eyes but also our pockets. Some critics point out that advertising actually raises the cost of products. Whenever you buy an advertised brand, about 25% of what you buy may represent the cost of advertising the name.

 But there are a few things to be said in its favour. Although some things cost more because of advertising, other things cost less. Newspapers, magazines, radio and television all carry advertisements, and money received from the advertisers helps to lower the cost of production. In this way, we get information and entertainment at lower prices than would otherwise have been charged. It gives rise to competition among manufacturers which benefits the customer by offering him a wider choice.

1. Based on your understanding of the passage, complete the following sentences:

(a) The three ways of advertising the author refers to in the passage are

(b) The advertisements cause a loss for the buyers as

 (c)As advertisements in (i) ——————-reduce the cost of production, we benefit by (ii) —————–provided by the (iii) —————-

(d) Another advantage of advertisements is ———————————-


(a)(i) Large hoardings put up on roadsides                                         

(ii) Neon signs above shops

(iii)Advertisements in magazines and newspapers.

 (b) they assault the cars, eyes and pockets of the buyers.

 (c) (i) newspapers, magazines, radio and television …

 (ii) getting information and entertainment

 (iii) manufacturers and advertisers.

 (d) that it offers the customer a wide choice in the selection of what he buys.

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