140. Reading Skills Comprehension: Snowman


 Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:                     

 Much like the myth about the Abominable Snowman that is believed to make appearances from its habitat on the icy Himalayan slopes, there has grown a legend all over America around an elusive, shy, hairy beast. The sighting of this denizen of the Pacific made, compelled people to form a picture in the mind of an uncouth, gorilla-like creature wandering through the thick vegetation. As if to add credibility to such guesses about the being, there have been several accounts from eyewitnesses, who have “identified tracks, heard piercing cries and seen the tree branches broken off too high to be snapped by a human”.

 But Bigfoot which has so long offered a fertile field for extensive search and serious effort towards locating and proving its existence is suddenly turning into a total force – probably a colossal practical Jokes! The latest development suggesting a big hoax has struck at the very roots of a legend that has gone into popular culture. Like a bolt from the blue, the news has emerged from the final confessions of Ray Wallace who died in November 2002 at the age of 84 in Washington. Facts presented by his family reveal that Wallace was a lifelong practical joker who enjoyed every bit of the firm generated out of his indulgences in unusual acts of humour.                                                                                            

 (a) Who is the abominable Snowman believed to be?                                                                        

 (b) What picture of this gorilla-like creature did the Americans form?                                           

(c) How was the presence of this creature proved?                                                                          

(d) What is the practical joke played by Ray Wallace?                                                                      

 (e) Explain “fertile field for the extensive search”.

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