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By | September 9, 2023

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Theme of Madam Rides the Bus

`Madam Rides the Bus’ is the story of an eight-year-old girl Valli. She was a wonderful girl. She was mature, clever, practical and self-respecting beyond her age. Standing in the front doorway and watching what was happening in the street was her favourite pastime. She was a great planner. She thriftily saved every penny that came her way for her first bus journey. During her first bus journey, Valli was full of enthusiasm and excitement. She enjoyed the landscape, the canal, palm trees, distant mountains and green fields stretching out as far as her eye could see. She reacted strongly when she was called ‘a child’ or ‘madam’. The self-respecting girl refused to accept a free cold drink offered by the bus conductor. She planned her bus journey during the nap hours of her mother. Interestingly, her mother could never know of the bus journey her daughter undertook during her nap in the afternoon.

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