The Voice of the Rain Very Short Question Answer

By | February 16, 2023
The Voice of the Rain Very Short Question Answer

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The Voice of the Rain Question and Answer

The Voice of the Rain Short Question Answer

1. Why does the poet call this poem a ‘translation’?
Ans. The voice of the rain is naturally mysterious and is different from our own. So, the poet who alone understands it translates the reply of the rain into English.

2. What is the life-cycle of clouds?
Ans. Clouds are nothing but water in the form of gas. The scorching sun turns the water on land and sea into vapour. The water vapours rise upwards like dark clouds and float in the sky. Finally, the clouds again return to their birthplace in the form of rain.

3. What question does the poet ask for the rain? What reply does he get?
Ans.   The poet asks the rain who she is. The rain in its mysterious voice introduces herself as Poem of the Earth.

4. What is the cloud’s birthplace? How does it go upward to heaven?
Ans. The cloud’s birthplace is the water bodies like rivers, ponds and the sea. Water vapours being lighter than air, rise to the sky and take on strange shapes in the form of clouds. Yet essentially, it remains the same old water.

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5. What are the functions of the cloud or rain?
Ans.   The rain bathes everything on the earth, washes away dust layers, cures dry conditions. and gives a new life to seeds. In this way, it cleans, purifies and beautifies all things on the earth.

 6. What is the central idea of Walt Whitman’s poem?
Ans. The poet wants to convey the birth, growth, change and finally the blessings of rain. It is water that turns into clouds, wanders in the sky, takes on strange shapes, but finally in the form of water returns to the earth. It purifies, bathes and adds beauty to all things on the earth. Rain does its duty unmindful of any recognition. Human beings should learn a lesson from this and make efforts to preserve the Earth.

The Voice of the Rain Long Questions

1. Rain does its duty unmindful of any recognition. A great lesson is hidden here. What is that?
Ans. Rain is the song of the Earth which is its birthplace and so its mother. It does not forget its mother and relentlessly works to make her mother all green, happy and worth living. It washes away the layers of dust and helps the seeds to sprout again. It gives life to dry earth and drying plants. In a way, it makes all earthly things clean, pure, fertile and beautiful. It fulfils the purpose of its birth by doing different duties and finally returns to its mother and rests in her lap. These services rendered by the rain are taken for granted and the rain does not mind it. All this contains a hidden message for mankind.

Man must do whatever he can to enhance the beauty and splendour of this earth which is his mother. But in reality, he leaves no stone unturned to destroy his mother. He is ever-ready to exploit her and leave her destitute. He forgets that by doing so he is destroying himself and leaving nothing for his progeny. Unlike the rain, he tries his best to milk the mother earth to the maximum and leave her all day. He should not do that. He should rather do everything to keep his mother earth life-giving for all times to come. He should respect natural resources and give them some space for renewal. If he does that, it will be the greatest service he will be doing not only to his mother earth but also towards all living beings.

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