The Tale of Melon City- Important Word-Meanings of difficult words

By | October 7, 2021
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       The Tale of Melon City

                                                  By- Vikram Seth

Important Word-Meanings of difficult words from the lesson- The Tale of Melon City

Word-Meanings  And Reference

Page 71

just- justice-loving, fair and impartial,न्याप्रिय placid-calm, gentle, शांतिप्रिय proclaimed-made a public announcement, उदघोषड़ा करवा दी arch-curved gateway, मेहराबदार दरबाजा triumphantly-successfully, victoriously, सफल ढंग से span-cover, stretch from one side to another, सड़क के ऊपर दोनों और उठा thoroughfare-public road, meant for common use, राजमार्ग edify-improve morally , नैतिक  रूप से उत्थान करना spectators-viewers, onlookers, दर्शक

 Pages 72-73

 he-the King, राजा frown-displeasure,त्योरि चढ़ गयी disgrace-insult, dishonour, अपमान gallows-structure or platform on which the criminal was hanged,  फाशी का तख्ता या टिक्ति fault-error, mistake, दोष गलती called a halt-stopped, रोक दिया proceedings-work, legal or royal action, क़ानूनी कार्यवाही summon-sent for, call, बुलाओ masons-those who build with bricks or stone, राजगीर quivering-trembling with fear, भए से कांपते हुए architect-one who makes the plan of the building, बस्तुकार ordain-order, आदेश देना amendments-changes, improvements, शंशोधन lost his head- was confused, चकरा गया tricky-Intricate, जटिल पेचीदा counsel-advice, consultation, सलाह मसवरा nay-no, नहीं

Page 74

quavering-trembling, काँपती हुई culprit-wrongdoer, गलती करने बाला banged-hit, struck, टक्कर मारी scaffold-platform for execution, फाशी का तख्ता mused-thought, विचार किया from uttering-mumbling, फुशफुश कर रहा था perceived-noticed, भांप लिया trembled-shook with fear, काँप गया consideration-discussion on, विचार विमर्श guilt-fault, दोष immediately-without delay, तुरंत noose-sliding knot tied for hanging someone, फंदा decree-order.


Page 75

 unruly-restless, agitated, उद्दण्ड pondered-considered, विचार किया dilemma-a difficult situation, दुबिधा herald-announcer, उदघोषक proclaim-announce, लोगो को बताये enforced-carried out, acted upon, पालन किया जायेगा due ceremony-proper grand way, with rituals, शोभा के साथ idiot-brainless, मुर्ख melon-a fruit, तरबूज reverently-respectfully. सादर

Page 76

 customary-usual, according to custom, रीती के अनुसार rejoice-feel happy. खुश होना OK-all right, ठीक है   Laissez-faire-policy of giving freely without government control.

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