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By | September 20, 2023
The Tale of Custard the Dragon Word Meaning with Hindi edumantra.net

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from The Tale of Custard the Dragon . We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying The Tale of Custard the Dragon Word Meanings from First Flight Class 10.”

Hard Words : The Tale of Custard the Dragon Page- 129

Belinda = The main female character in the poem who lives with several pets (बेलिंदा), Kitten = A small, young cat; here, it refers to Belinda’s black pet named Ink (बिल्ली का बच्चा), Mouse = A small rodent; in this context, it is Belinda’s grey pet named Blink (बेलिंदा की चूहा पालतू),

Wagon = A cart or a four-wheeled toy; used by Belinda (बेलिंदा की खिलौना गाड़ी), Realio, trulio = An expression indicating genuineness or truthfulness (सचमुच, वास्तव में), Dragon = A mythical, fire-breathing creature; Belinda’s pet named Custard (बेलिंदा का ड्रैगन पालतू), Ink = Name of Belinda’s black kitten (बेलिंदा की काली बिल्ली का नाम),

Blink = Name of Belinda’s grey mouse (बेलिंदा की चूहा पालतू का नाम), Mustard = Name of Belinda’s brave yellow dog (बेलिंदा के पीले कुत्ते का नाम), Coward = Lacking courage; describes Custard’s nature (डरपोक, जैसे कस्टर्ड है), Custard = Name of Belinda’s timid dragon (बेलिंदा के डरपोक ड्रैगन का नाम), Spikes = Pointed features on top of Custard (कस्टर्ड के ऊपर की नोकदार बातें),

Scales = Hard protective layers on Custard’s body (कस्टर्ड के शरीर पर कठोर परतें), Fireplace = Describing Custard’s wide mouth (कस्टर्ड का विशाल मुंह), Chimney = Refers to Custard’s tall nose (कस्टर्ड की ऊंची नाक),

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Daggers = Sharp pointed features on Custard’s feet (कस्टर्ड के पैरों की नुकीली बातें), Barrel = Cylindrical shape; indicating Belinda’s bravery (बेलिंदा की बहादुरी का प्रतीक), Lions = Symbol of bravery; chased by Ink and Blink (बहादुरी का प्रतीक, जिसे इंक और ब्लिंक भागा रहे हैं),

Rage = Extreme anger; indicating Mustard’s bravery (जोरदार गुस्सा, मस्टर्ड की बहादुरी को दर्शाता है), Cage = Enclosed space; Custard wishes for a safe one (सुरक्षित पिंजरा, जिसकी कस्टर्ड चाहत है)

The Tale of Custard the Dragon Difficult Words in English Page- 130

Tickled = Made someone laugh, tease (गुदगुदाना), Unmerciful = Without pity, relentless (निर्दयी), Rudely = Impolitely, disrespectfully (अशिष्टता से), Percival = Mocking name for Custard, knight’s name (उपनाम), Giggled = Laughed lightly, chuckled (हल्का हंसी), Shook = Moved violently, trembled (कांपना), Weeck = Mouse’s laugh, Blink’s giggle (चूहे की हंसी),

Suddenly = Unexpectedly, abruptly (अचानक), Nasty = Unpleasant, disturbing (अप्रिय), Growled = Low sound of anger, grumble (गरजना), Meowch = Cat’s painful cry, Ink’s exclamation (बिल्ली की चिल्लाहट), Pistol = Handgun, firearm (बंदूक), Cutlass = Short sword, blade (तलवार),

Beard = Facial hair, whiskers (दाढ़ी), Wood = Reference to pirate’s leg, wooden limb (लकड़ी), Paled = Became pale, lost color (रंग उतर जाना, Yelp = Short cry, sharp scream (चीख), Trickled = Moved slowly, seeped (धीरे से बहना),

Strategically = Wisely, cleverly (योजनाबद्ध रूप से), Mouseholed = Hid in a hole, took shelter (छिपना), Engine = Machine, indicates Custard’s fury (इंजन), Dungeon = Dark prison, underground cell (कारागार), Clatter = Loud noise, rattle (शोर),

Robin = Small bird, indication of aggression (एक प्रकार का पक्षी), Grog = Alcoholic drink, pirate’s beverage (शराब), Flagon = Container for liquids, small bottle (शराब की बोतल), Gobbled = Swallowed quickly, consumed (झपट से खाना)

Good Word Meaning from the Lesson The Tale of Custard the Dragon Page- 131

Embraced = Hugged, held close (गले लगाना), Licked = Passed tongue over, showed affection (चाटना), Mourned = Felt sorrow, grieved (शोक मनाना), Glee = Joy, happiness (हर्ष), Gyrate = Spin around, dance in circles (घूमना), Flustered = Agitated, nervous (घबराया हुआ),

Agree = Accept, concur (सहमत होना), Barrel = Cylindrical container, also signifies quantity (बैरल), Crying = Weeping, expressing distress (रोना), Victim = Affected person, target (पीड़ित), Pirate = Sea robber, outlaw (समुद्री डकैत), Glee = High spirits, joyfulness (आनंद),

Gyrate = Rotate, spin (चक्कर लगाना), Braver = More courageous, more valiant (और अधिक वीर), Lives = Resides, dwells (रहती है),

Kitten = Young cat, feline cub (छोटी बिल्ली), Mouse = Small rodent, also refers to Blink in the poem (चूहा), Dog = Domesticated canine, also refers to Mustard in the poem (कुत्ता), Dragon = Mythical creature, also refers to Custard in the poem (ड्रैगन)