The Snake and the Mirror- Quick Review


                                                                 ByVaikom Muhammad Basheer


1. What were the author and his friends discussing in the story ‘The Snake and the Mirror ?’

    (A) ghosts                                                                      (B) lions

   (C) snakes Ant                                                                (D) leaders

Ans. (C) snakes

2. Who narrated the story of the ‘The Snake and the Mirror’?

 (A) a homoeopath (B) a teacher

(C) a lawyer                                                                        (D) a painter

Ans. (A) a homoeopath

3. The narrator of the story ‘The Snake and the Mirror’ lived in a ………….

       (A) a big own house                                                 (B) small rented house

       (C) government hostel                                           (D) temple

Ans. (B) small rented house

4. The sound was a familiar one. What sound does the narrator refer to?

   (A) the noise made by rats                                       (B) the noise made by sparrows

  (C) the noise made by the snakes                          (D) none of these

 Ans. (A) the noise made by rats

5. Who shared the room with the narrator?

 (A) the snakes                                                                  (B) a friend of the narrator

 (C) the rats                                                                        (D) his parents

Ans.  (C) the rats

6. How would you describe the narrator’s vest?

(A) a new one                                                                   (B) of superior quality

 (C) a dirty one                                                                  (D) none of these

Ans.  (C) a dirty one

7. Why did the narrator open the two windows?

(A) to see what was happening outside                 (B) he was feeling hot

(C) to let the sunlight come in                                   (D) none of these

Ans.  (B) he was feeling hot

8. Why could the narrator not sleep?

(A) because of hunger                                                   (B) because of pain in the body

(C) because of heat (D) because of cold

 Ans.  (C) because of heat

9. Which book did the narrator begin to read?

 (A) Materia Media                                                          (B) The Ramayana

 (C) The Gita                                                                       (D) India of My Dreams

Ans. (A) Material Media

10. What was the narrator’s first decision?

(A) to take bath daily                                                      (B) to shave daily

(C) to clean his teeth daily                                              (D) to sleep in the open

Ans.. (B) to shave daily

11. Why did the narrator decide to grow a thin moustache?

 (A) to get a job                                                                                 (B) to work in films

(C) to look attractive and handsome                     (D) none of these

Ans.  (C) to look attractive and handsome   

12.Of the following what was the narrator’s earth-shaking decision?

(A) to shave daily                                                             (B) to grow a thin moustache

(C) to bathe daily                                                             (D) to keep always an attractive smile on his face

Ans.  (D) to keep always an attractive smile on his face

13.’Again came to that noise from above’ actually who was making that sound?

 (A) the rats                                                                        (B) the snake

(C) the birds                                                                       (D) some insects

Ans. (B) the snake

14. Why was the narrator sitting holding his breath?

   (A) a lion had entered his room                              (B) there was a man with a gun in his room

   (C) a snake had coiled around his arm                    (D) he was feeling sleepy

Ans (C) a snake had coiled around his arm

15. What did the snake seem admiring?

   (A) the beauty of the room                                      (B) its own beauty

   (C) the beauty of the minor                                     (D) the beauty of the narrator’s whiskers

 Ans. (B) its own beauty

16. Where did the narrator spend the night when he was free from the snake’s grip?

   (A) in his shop                                                                                (B) in his own room

   (C) in a friend’s house                                                                (D) in a school building

 Ans. (C) in a friend’s house

17. Who entered the narrator’s room in his absence?

    (A) a thief                                                                        (B) a snake charmer

    (C) the narrator’s wife                                                               (D) the narrator’s son

Ans. (A) a thief

18. The thief had taken everything except one thing. What was it?

   (A) the narrator’s shoes                                                             (B) the narrator’s dirty vest

   (C) the narrator’s shirt                                                                (D) the narrator’s spectacles

 Ans. (B) the narrator’s dirty vest

19. Who is the author of the lesson ‘The Snake and the Mirror’?

   (A) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam                                                                (B) Vaikom Muhammad Basheer

   (C) Subramania Bharati                                                               (D) William Wordsworth

Ans. (B) Vaikom Muhammad Basheer

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