The Lost Child – Quick Review of the Chapter

By | February 7, 2023
The Lost Child - Quick Review of the Chapter

 The Lost Child

                                                                     By- Mulk Raj Anand


1.Which festival does the child visit with his parents?

(A) Dussehra festival                                      (B) Diwali festival

(C) Spring festival                                              (D) festival

Ans. (C) Spring festival

2. Who else was with the boy when he was going to the fair?

(A) his friends                                                    (b) his class teacher

 (C) his parents                                                  (D) his cider brother

 Ans. (C) his parents

3. What thing attracted the boy first of all when he entered the fair?

 (A) toys                                                               (B) jalebi’s

(C) kite                                                                 (D) flowers

Ans. (A) toys

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4. When did the father look at the boy with red-eyes?

 (A) at the demand of flowers                    (B) at the demand of sweets

 (C) at the demand of a ride in a see-saw (D) at the demand of toys

Ans. (D) at the demand of toys

5. They passed through a field full of flowers.

(A) run                                                                  (B) mustard

(C) rose                                                                (D) marigold

Ans. (B) mustard

6. What did the little boy try to catch while passing through the field?

 (A) the dragonflies                                        (B) sparrows

(C) a kite                                                              (D) none of these

 Ans. (A)-the dragonflies

7. How was the boy feeling while going to the fair?

(A) sad                                                                  (B) unhappy

(C) gay                                                                  (D) dissatisfied

Ans. (C) gay

8. What happened when the child entered the grove?

 (A) he struck against a tree                         (B) a shower of flowers fell on him

(C) he got a mango fruit                                                (D) he saw many beehives in the garden

Ans. (B) a shower of flowers fell on him

9. What was the child’s, favourite sweet?

 (A) gulab-jamun                                              (B) rasagulla

(C) jalebi                                                              (D) burfl

 Ans. (D) burfi

10. What was the flower-hawker selling?

 (A) a garland of gulmohur                           (B) a garland of roses

(C) a garland of champaks                            (d) a garland of marigold

Ans. (A) a garland of gulmohur

11. For what the boy made a bold request?

(A) buying balloons                                         (B) buying a garland of gulmohur

 (C) buying flutes                                              (D) going on the roundabout

 Ans. (D) going on the roundabout

12. Why did a full, deep cry rise within his dry throat?

(A) his parents refused him going                             (B) his father slapped him on the roundabout

(C) he  had lost his parents                                            (D) he stumbled onto the ground

Ans. (C) he had lost his parents

13. Of what colour clothes were the people wearing in the spring fair?

 (A) red                                                                                                 (B) yellow

 (C) green                                                                            (D) blue

Ans. (B) yellow

14. Why did the boy run through people’s legs?

(A) he was enjoying the crowd                                  (B ) he was searching for his parents

(C) he was trying to catch his younger sister        (D) ) he was playing a game

 Ans. (B) he was searching for his parents

15. Where was the thickest crowd in the fair?

(A) near the temple                                                         (B) near the roundabout

(C) near the sweet shop                                                (D) near the snake charmer

Ans. (A) near the temple

16. Who lifted the child in his arms?

(A) a man                                                                            (B) the boy’s father

(C) the boy’s mother                                                      (D) the boy’s elder brother

 Ans. (A) a man

17. The man asked the boy which things he wanted from the fair? The boy answered …………..

(A) I want my father and mother                              (B) I want a ride in the roundabout

(C) I want burfi                                                                  (D) I want balloons

 Ans. (A) I want my father and mother

18. What was the snake doing?

 (A) running here and there                                         (B) swaying onto the flute

(C) hissing and spating furiously                                                 (D) none of these options

Ans. (B) swaying onto the flute

19. The man asked the boy to listen to the sweet music of the flute of the snake charmer. What did the boy do?

(A) he enjoyed listening to the music                           (B) he ran away from there

 (C) he shut his ears with his finger                           (D) he himself started playing the flute

 Ans. (C) he shut his ears with his finger

20. Where did the man take the boy to?

 (A) the sweet shop                                                        (B) the balloon seller

(C) the snake charmer                                                   (D) all the options are correct

Ans. (D) all the options are correct

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