The Lake Isle of Innisfree- Quick Review

                               THE LAKE ISLE OF INNISFREE

By- W.B. Yeats


1. What kind of land is Innisfree?

      (A) stormy and dusty                                                                (B) peaceful and loving

      (C) very hot and humid                                                           (D) unfit for human habitation

     Ans. (B) peaceful and loving

2. Who else will live on Innisfree with the poet?

    (A) his mother                                                                               (B) his father

   (C) his friends                                                                                 (D) he will live alone

 Ans. (D) he will live alone

3. What thing will the poet not do on the Innisfree land?

      (A) build a restaurant                                                               (B) build a small cabin

      (C) plant nine bean rows                                                        (D) build a hive for the honeybee

Ans. (A) build a restaurant

4. With what will the poet make his house?

     (A) bricks and cement                                                               (B) clay and wattles

     (C) bamboo                                                                                   (D) wooden slates

Ans.  (B) clay and wattles

5. Where will the poet have peace?

    (A) in his home                                                                             (B) in heaven

    (C) in Innisfree land                                                                    (D) in a lake

 Ans. (C) in Innisfree land

6. When do the crickets sing?

    (A) in the morning                                                                       (B) in the evening

    (C) in the rainy season                                                                       (D) they never sing

Ans. (A) in the morning

7. What does the poet see in Innisfree land?

    (A) glimmering midnight                                                           (B) purple noon

    (C) the evening full of linnet’s wings                                            (D) all the options are correct

Ans. (D) all the options are correct

8. How long the poet will live at the Lake Isle of Innisfree?

     (A) forever                                                                                   (B) for a night and day

     (C) for two days                                                                           (D) none of these options

Ans.  (A) forever

9. What does the poet hear at Innisfree Island?

     (A) the sound of raindrops                                                    (B) the noise of the wind

     (C) the lapping low sounds of the                                        (D) none of these three options lake water

Ans. (C) the lapping low sounds of the lake water

10. How does the poet find Innisfree Island?

       (A) simple, natural place                                                        (B) full of beauty

      (C) full of peace                                                                          (D) all options are correct

Ans. (D) all options are correct

11. Select the name of the poet of the poem ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree’.

     (A) Robert Frost                                                                          (B) Subramania Bharati

     (D) W.B. Yeats                                                                              (C) Coates Kinney

Ans. (D) W.B. Yeats

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