The Laburnum Top Short Questions and Answers

By | February 16, 2023
The Laburnum Top Short Questions and Answers

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The Laburnum Top Questions and Answers

1. Sum up in about 80 words the scene described in the poem ‘Laburnum Top’.
Ans. The laburnum tree stands still and silent in a desolate place. The goldfinch builds her nest on the treetop to raise her family. It is a safe and secure place. The bird goes on long flights to collect food for her chicks. But she returns to her nest regularly. She makes a sound. The chicks recognise the signal. Like some steam engine, they start up a mindless noise. The bird flies up to them, feeds them and then flies away again. the old silence returns to the tree again. The poem has a continuity of atmosphere.

2. What gives a unique character to that particular laburnum tree?
 Ans. The laburnum tree gets an identity because of the nest built on its top. During the month of September, the tree is left with a few yellowing leaves only. It is visited regularly by the mother goldfinch bird. She comes to feed her young ones. The silence is broken for a while but restored again.

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3. How does the poet describe the laburnum tree?
Ans. It is a September afternoon. The laburnum tree stands in a desolate place. It is silent and still until the goldfinch arrives to feed her chicks. The silent tree comes to life. The little chicks start up a noise like that of a steam engine.

4. How does the poet describe the goldfinch bird?
 Ans. The Goldfinch, a small singing bird, builds her nest amidst the thick leaves of a laburnum tree. It is alert and swift. It comes almost at the appointed hour every day to feed the young.

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