The Laburnum Top Introduction Class 11 | Easy Language

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The Laburnum Top Introduction Class 11

This short poem just depicts a scene in the wilderness. Laburnum tree stands there, silent and still. It has a nest built on it. The little mother bird goldfinch arrives to meet and feed her young ones. Sitting at one end of a branch, it gives a signal sound. The young ones recognise their mother’s voice and start chirping together like some engine. The bird, alert and swift, makes her way to the nest. When the purpose of her visit to meet and feed the little ones is accomplished, she flies away. This is how the cycle of life and multiplication goes on in nature. It is all instinctive. The mother bird makes her nest amongst the thick leaves of a tree. It brings up her chicks until they are strong enough to fly and find their food on their own.

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