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By | September 22, 2023
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In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from The Happy Prince. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying The Happy Prince Word Meanings from Moments Class 9.”

Hard Words : The Happy Prince – Page- 28

Happy Prince = Name of the statue, joyous royalty (खुशहाल राजकुमार), Beautiful = Pleasing to the eyes, attractive (सुंदर), High = At a great vertical elevation, tall (ऊंचा),

Flew = Past tense of fly; moved through the air (उड़ना), Weeks = Plural of week; period of seven days (सप्ताह), Stayed behind = Did not leave, remained (पीछे रह गए), Decided = Made up one’s mind, resolved (निर्णय लिया),

All day long = Entire duration of the day (पूरा दिन), Arrived = Reached a destination (पहुंचे), Preparations = Arrangements made in advance (तैयारियां), Saw = Past tense of see; perceived with the eyes (देखा), Fine = Of high quality, superior (अच्छा),

Alighted = Landed, settled (उतरना), Feet = Lower extremity of the leg; plural of foot (पैर), Looked round = Surveyed or examined the surroundings (चारों ओर देखना), Softly = Quietly, without much noise (धीरे से)

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The Happy Prince Difficult Words in English Page- 29

Prepared = Made ready, set (तैयार), Head under his wing = Positioning one’s head beneath their own bird wing, resting position (सिर अपने पंख के नीचे रखना), Drop of water = A small amount of liquid, droplet (पानी की बूँद), Curious = Strange, unusual (अजीब), Cloud = Mass of condensed water vapor in the sky (बादल), Sky = The expanse of air over the Earth (आकाश),

Stars = Celestial bodies emitting light (तारे), Raining = Precipitation of water droplets (वर्षा हो रही है), Statue = Sculpted likeness of a person or thing (मूर्ति), Chimney pot = Top part of a chimney, usually cylindrical (चिमनी की टोपी), Tears = Drops of saline liquid secreted by glands in your eyes (आँसू), Moonlight = Light of the moon (चाँदनी),

Pity = Feeling of compassion or sympathy (दया), Weeping = Crying, shedding tears (रो रहा है), Drenched = Wet thoroughly, soaked (भिगो दिया), Courtiers = People who attend a royal court as companions or advisers to the king or queen (दरबारी),

Ugliness = Quality of being unpleasant or repugnant in appearance (कुरूपता), Misery = State of great discomfort or distress (दुःख), Lead = A type of metal (सीसा), Solid gold = Completely made of gold (ठोस सोना), Polite = Having or showing good manners or respect (शिष्ट),

Musical voice = Melodious, pleasant to hear (संगीतमय आवाज़), Seamstress = A woman who sews, especially for a living (दरजीन), Embroidering = Decorating fabric with needle and thread (कढ़ाई कर रही है), Satin gown = Dress made from satin, a smooth, glossy fabric (साटन की जोड़ा),

Fever = Elevated body temperature, often due to illness (बुखार), Oranges = Bright-colored citrus fruit (संतरा), Ruby = Precious red gemstone (रूबी), Sword hilt = The handle of a sword (तलवार की मुट्ठी), Pedestal = Base or support on which something stands (पीठिका)

Good Word Meaning of the Lesson The Happy Prince Page- 30

Waited = Expected, awaited (प्रतीक्षा में होना), Egypt = African country, nation by Nile (मिस्र), Nile = African river, long waterway (नील नदी, Lotus flowers = Aquatic flowers, water blooms (कमल), Messenger = Message carrier, courier (दूत), Thirsty = Needing drink, parched (प्यासा), Beak = Bird’s mouth part, pointed projection (चोंच), Cathedral = Large church, religious edifice (गिरजाघर),

Marble = Hard white stone, polished rock (संगमरमर), Sculptured = Carved, molded (तराशा हुआ), Palace = Royal residence, king’s home (महल), Balcony = Elevated platform, ledge (बालकनी), State ball = Formal dance, royal celebration (राज्य नृत्य),

Embroidered = Decorated fabric, stitched design (कढ़ाई), Seamstresses = Women tailors, cloth menders (दर्जिन), Lanterns = Light holders, lamps (लालटेन),

Masts = Tall ship posts, poles (मस्तूल), Feverishly = Restlessly, with agitation (बेचैनी से), Thimble = Sewing protector, finger shield (सिलाई अंगूठी), Fanning = Stirring air, waving (हवा देना), Forehead = Above eyes, brow (माथा), Slumber = Sleep, rest (नींद),

Curious = Eager to know, inquisitive (जिज्ञासु), Action = Deed, activity (कार्य), Broke = Dawned, begun (सवेरा हुआ), Bath = Washing oneself, cleansing (स्नान), High spirits = Very happy, elated (खुश)

English Difficult Words of the Lesson The Happy Prince Page- 31

Spirits = Mood, emotional state (मनोदशा), Prospect = Anticipation, outlook (आशा), Monuments = Landmarks, memorials (स्मारक), Steeple = Church tower, spire (गिरजाघर की चोटी), Commissions = Tasks, assignments (कार्य), Garret = Attic, small top room (अटारी),

Desk = Writing table, workstation (लिखाई की मेज़), Withered = Dried up, shriveled (मुरझाया हुआ), Violets = Purple flowers, small blooms (बैंगनी फूल),

Glass = Tumbler, container (गिलास), Pomegranate = Fruit, seedy fruit (अनार), Dreamy eyes = Thoughtful, distant-looking (सपनों में खोए हुए आंखें), Director of the Theatre = Play supervisor, stage manager (रंगमंच के निर्देशक), Grate = Fireplace, metal framework (अंगीठी),

Faint = Weak, dizzy (बेहोश), Ruby = Red gem, precious stone (रूबी), Playwright = Drama writer, scriptwriter (नाटककार),

Sapphires = Blue gems, precious stones (नीलम), Cried = Exclaimed, shouted (चिल्लाया), Bunch = Group, cluster (गुच्छा), Rare = Scarce, uncommon (दुर्लभ)

The Happy Prince Word Meaning in English Page 32

India = A country in South Asia (भारत), Jeweller = Person who makes or sells jewelry (जौहरी), Firewood = Wood for burning (लकड़ी की इंधन), Playwright = Drama writer, scriptwriter (नाटककार), Garret = Attic, small top room (अटारी), Sapphire = Blue gem, precious stone (नीलम),

Flutter = To move or fly with light, quick, wavering motions (फड़फड़ाना), Appreciated = Valued, recognized (प्रशंसा की जानेवाली), Admirer = Fan, supporter (प्रशंसक), Harbour = Port, docking place for ships (बंदरगाह),

Mast = Tall vertical pole on a ship (मस्तूल), Sailors = Seamen, ship crew (नाविक), Egypt = Country in North Africa (मिस्र), Winter = Coldest season (शीत ऋतु), Palm Trees = Tropical trees with long leaves (ताड़ के पेड़), Crocodiles = Large aquatic reptiles (मगरमच्छ),

Square = Open area in a city (चौराहा), Matchgirl = Girl selling matches (माचिस बेचनेवाली लड़की), Gutter = Drainage for water (नाली), Spoiled = Ruined, damaged (खराब), Crying = Weeping, shedding tears (रो रही है), Goodbye = Farewell, parting words (अलविदा),

Bid = To offer or declare (बोलना), Lazy = Not active or unwilling to work (आलसी), Lazily = In a slow, relaxed manner (आलस्य से), Snow = Frozen precipitation, white flakes (बर्फ)

The Happy Prince Class 9 English to English Word Meaning Page 33

Stockings = Close-fitting coverings for the feet and legs (मोज़े), Bare = Uncovered; naked (नंगा), Blind = Unable to see (अंधा), Swooped = Descended rapidly (झपट्टा मारकर उतरना), Jewel = Precious stone (रत्न), Palm = Inner part of the hand (हथेली), Marvelous = Wonderful; amazing (अद्भुत),

Mystery = Something unexplained or secret (रहस्य), Misery = Great suffering (दुःख और कष्ट), Beggars = People who ask for money or food (भिखारी), Lanes = Narrow streets or passages (गलियाँ), Listlessly = Without interest or energy (बेजान तरीके से),

Archway = Passage under an arch (मेहराब), Watchman = Guard; security person (चौकीदार), Gold = Precious yellow metal (सोना), Leaf = Thin flat piece, here referring to a thin piece of gold (पत्ता/टहनी), Dull = Not bright or shiny (सुना हुआ),

Grey = Color between black and white (स्लेटी), Rich = Having a lot of money and possessions (अमीर), Merry = Happy; cheerful (हर्षित), Starving = Extremely hungry (भूख से मर रहा), Warm = Slightly hot; giving out heat (गर्म)

Class 9 Moments Chapter 5 The Happy Prince Word Meaning English Page 34 

rosier – More red, redder (अधिक लाल), frost – Cold, ice crystals (ठंड), silver – Shiny grayish-white metal, money (चाँदी), furs – Soft hair, animal skin (फर), scarlet – Bright red, vibrant color (लाल), skated – Glided, moved on ice skates (स्केट करना),

crumbs – Tiny pieces, bits of food (टुकड़े), baker’s – Related to a person who bakes, bread shop (बेकर का), flapping – Moving up and down, waving (हलके से मारना),

murmured – Whispered, spoke softly (धीरे बोलना), Egypt – Country in Africa, Nile’s location (मिस्र), lips – Mouth’s edges, fleshy part of the face (होंठ), Death – End of life, opposite of birth (मौत), brother – Male sibling, family member (भाई), Sleep – Rest, unconscious state (नींद), statue – Sculpture, carved figure (प्रतिमा), leaden – Made of lead, heavy (सीसे का), frost – Cold condition, ice layer (ठंड),

Mayor – City head, municipal leader (महापौर), square – Open place, city center (चौराहा), Councillors – City officials, members of a council (पार्षद), column – Pillar, vertical structure (स्तंभ),

shabby – Worn out, untidy (पुराना), ruby – Precious stone, red gem (माणिक), sword – Weapon, long blade (तलवार), beggar – Poor person, one who asks for alms (भिखारी), proclamation – Announcement, official statement (घोषणा)

The Happy Prince Difficult Word Meaning English Page 35

allowed – Permitted, given permission (अनुमति दी गई), Town Clerk – Municipal official, city administrator (नगर लिपिक), suggestion – Proposal, idea (सुझाव), statue – Sculpture, carved figure (प्रतिमा), Art Professor – University teacher for arts (कला प्रोफेसर), University – Institution of higher education (विश्वविद्यालय),

melted – Turned to liquid by heat (पिघलना), furnace – Oven, large heater (भट्टी), overseer – Supervisor, person in charge (निरीक्षक), workmen – Laborers, workers (मजदूर), foundry – Place where metal is melted (ढलाई कारख़ाना), leaden – Made of lead, heavy (सीसे का), dust heap – Pile of garbage, rubbish mound (कचरे का ढेर), precious – Valuable, treasured (मौल्यवान),

Angel – Divine messenger, celestial being (फ़रिश्ता), chosen – Selected, picked out (चुना हुआ), Paradise – Heaven, blissful place (स्वर्ग), bird – Feathered animal, avian creature (पक्षी), city of gold – Prosperous place, rich city (सोने का शहर), praise – Express approval, commend (प्रशंसा करना)