The Happy Prince- Message & Characters

By | July 22, 2021

The Happy Prince



“The Happy Prince” gives many important messages. The first message is that we must spread happiness around us if we wish to be happy. It is useless to mount statues with gold and jewels when the people are hungry. The Prince could be happy only as long as sorrow was not allowed to enter his palace. Once he saw pain, suffering and injustice, even his lead heart cried. The next message is that the disparity and sorrow in society can be overcome by compassion, generosity and sharing. The generous prince and the gentle swallow sacrificed themselves to bring happiness to the poor and the needy. However, their deaths did not end their lives. The redemptive power of love made them live forever as the precious and chosen ones of God.


The most powerful message or moral lesson given by this story is that it is very essential to help the poor and the downtrodden in society. The second message is, we must be sensitive to the people who are suffering, especially the poor, and help them out. This will reduce their suffering and help them to stand up. This story highlights the virtues of kindness and pity towards others. It also talks about sacrifice towards others. The Happy Prince could have retained his precious stones on his body and retained his glory. But he decided to give them all away to help the poor and needy. This shows the sacrifice done by him.


The Swallow:

The swallow is kind-hearted and polite. On discovering that the statue was not made of solid gold, he did not make any personal remark. He had to leave for Egypt to be with his friends but stayed back when the prince insisted. He also helped the prince in distributing precious jewels and gold among the poor and needy of the city. He also had a compassionate heart. He refused to pluck out the sapphires, for they were the prince’s eyes. And when the prince’s eyes had been given away as charity, the swallow decided to stay on with the prince. Even when the prince urged him to leave, he did not. He braved the cold and hunger until his last breath and sacrificed his life for the well-being of humanity.

The Happy Prince

The Happy Prince was a statue of a prince who used to be known as Happy Prince when he was alive. He had been decorated with thin gold leaves all over his body and had sapphires as its eyes. A red ruby shone on his sword hilt. The Happy Prince became sad after his death because he could see the sorrow of the city from the place where his statue had been mounted. He was fastened to his pedestal which made him immobile. Feeling helpless, he wept and wished to help those in need. He humbly pleaded with the swallow to be his messenger. He had pity in his heart and he was generous as he gave away every bit of wealth that he had. He truly loved the swallow and could not bear to be separated from it. When the bird died, the leaden heart of the prince broke into two.

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